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      Trailer Prop stands and Accessories

      Swing-out prop stands, static prop stands, tilting/folding prop stands - AL-KO, KNOTT, Simol, Anssems, TEMARED, Ifor Williams, AWD and Winterhoff Show more



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      Steel Prop stand with clamp - 48 mm
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      Prop stands set Anssems GT/GTT/GTB/BSX
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      Tilt-out prop stand 57 mm 1000 kg
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      Buy Prop stand trailer and tilt support stand trailer

      Prop stands are often attached to tippers to prevent them from tilting when the tipper is in use. Here you will find our range of Prop stands and tilting support stands for trailers, caravans & motorhomes. Because we buy in bulk, we can offer these Prop stands at low prices. We offer Prop stands and Jockey wheels for trailers in various types and sizes.

      Our Prop stand trailer brands:

      • AWD
      • Anssems
      • Simol
      • TEMARED
      • Winterhoff
      • KNOTT
      • Ifor Williams


      The load capacity of a trailer prop stand

      An important aspect to consider when buying trailer prop stands is the load capacity. You don't want to be suddenly woken up at night in your caravan by a broken prop stand and your whole bed and caravan skewed. The maximum specified load capacity is per prop stand. Also consider the weight distribution on a trailer and caravan. Try to spread the weight as much as possible so that the weight is distributed nicely over the Prop stands.

      Tiltable trailer prop stand

      A tilting Prop stand trailer is extremely suitable for tippers, and other trailers commonly used in the construction industry. The tilting mechanism is easy to operate by means of a spring-loaded puller button, which also locks the Prop stand trailer. (Prop stands are also often used on multi- and car transporters to prevent the trailer from tilting when, for example, a lawn mower or car is loaded. Are you looking for a powerful tilting Prop stand trailer? Then for example the Winterhoff tiltable and extendable 1300 kg Prop stand is a great option. With this prop stand, you can easily and reliably stabilise your trailer.

      Prop stand trailer accessories

      Besides trailer prop stands, are you also looking for the accessories you need? We have a wide range of Prop stands accessories such as cranks for swinging out the support legs and mounting plates and rails to attach the legs to a caravan or trailer. In addition, you can also buy a clamp to attach the loose Prop stands from us. Just make sure you choose the right diameter. For caravans, we also sell handy caravan corner supports and stabilisation supports. A corner support provides extra stabilisation, preventing the caravan from moving when you walk through it or when it is windy. In addition, a corner support helps against annoying slamming doors, but also ensures that you never again feel as if you are lying diagonally in your bed. Wouldn't you rather have a Prop stand trailer anyway, but an alternative? Then you can equip your Trailer with a Jockey wheel. This way, you can not only easily support your Trailer, but also move it with ease. A Plastic Jockey wheel is commonly used with the lighter trailers. For heavier work, it is best to choose folding Jockey wheels. The rear of the trailer is best supported by a prop stand or tripod. This prevents the Trailer from tipping over unintentionally. Would you like more information about Prop stands for trailers and accessories? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you select the right trailer prop stands.

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