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      Jockey wheels with tube diameter 60 mm

      Jockey wheel which is often used on braked trailers. Choose from A-brand Winterhoff or our own imported Jockey wheels for an even greater advantage! Show more



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      Folding nose wheel SQUARE 60 mm - 250 kg
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      Jockey wheels extra long 500 kg load capacity
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      Collapsible Jockey wheels 60 mm 500 kg

      Collapsible Jockey wheels 60 mm 500 kg

      Centre-to-centre distance mounting plate: 105 mm...
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      Jockey wheels SQUARE large mounting plate
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      Jockey wheel SQUARE 60 mm PREMIUM
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      Jockey wheels trailer 60 mm

      Are you looking for a heavy 60 mm Jockey wheel suitable for your braked Trailer? Then you have come to the right place. Our range of automatic folding 60 mm Jockey wheels is inexpensive and available directly from stock. These (automatic folding) Jockey wheels are used on the heavier trailers and turn automatically up and down by using the crank. Choose from A-brands such as Winterhoff and AL-KO or our own imported Jockey wheels for an even greater advantage! Looking for an extra heavy and strong Jockey wheel for your Trailer? In most cases, a 60 mm Jockey wheel will suffice. In our range, you will find 60 mm Jockey wheels that can carry loads of up to 545 kg. Do you need a nose wheel with a higher load capacity? Then view our range of 73 mm Jockey wheels here. Do you have any questions about our range of Jockey wheels 60 mm? Or are you not entirely sure which Jockey wheel is suitable, please feel free to contact our customer service. We will gladly help you select the best Jockey wheel for your trailer.

      Why buy a heavy duty Jockey wheel?

      A Jockey wheel 60 mm is actually an indispensable part of your trailer when it comes to ultimate convenience during coupling and manoeuvring. A worn or non-fitting Jockey wheel can cause a lot of trouble. A well-fitting and suitable Jockey wheel, on the other hand, beetles you a lot of comfort. When looking for the right Jockey wheels for you, it is important to look at the load capacity. A heavier Trailer will put more load on the nose wheel. Than a lighter trailer. When using a trailer, think not only about the trailer itself, but what you are going to use it for. It is good to ask yourself the following questions: what do I want to use the Trailer for? Is my trailer often heavily loaded? Keep in mind that a Jockey wheel trailer 60 mm is not meant to carry heavy very heavy loads. Of course, these versions can take a bit, but Jockey wheels are not made to lift a trailer, for example. Can I hitch my Trailer directly or do I have to manoeuvre it a lot by hand?

      How do I attach Jockey wheels to a 60-mm trailer?

      Do you want to easily replace the 60 mm nose wheel on your trailer yourself? Then read on! The 60 mm Jockey wheels can be mounted in various ways. Most 60 mm Jockey wheels can be fastened with the fastening plate, which you can plug and/or weld onto the overrun brake of the trailer. For the 60 mm Jockey wheels without attachment plate, you can fasten them with a nose wheel clamp. Of course, there are other ways to fasten the 60 mm Jockey wheels, in any case make sure it is always tight.

      Buy Trailer nose wheel 60 mm Accessories

      In addition to various 60 mm nose wheels, we also sell useful Accessories for this type of nose wheel. With heavier Jockey wheels, it can sometimes be more difficult to manoeuvre the Trailer. For this, you can use, for example, a manoeuvring aid especially for 60 mm Jockey wheels. This can easily be attached to the tube and serves as an extra handle. We can also supply a crank cover for a 60 mm Jockey wheel. Super handy, of course, if your current cover needs replacing. The same goes for a new crank for your 60 mm nose wheel on your Trailer.

      Jockey wheel Hapert trailer

      A reputable trailer manufacturer such as Hapert also uses high-quality parts. A nose wheel is an essential part of the trailer and a Hapert trailer is often used professionally with heavy equipment. We do recommend a premium quality Jockey wheel for the Hapert user. This is a nose wheel model that is made of thicker steel and where the wheel itself is also suitable for heavier loads. These Jockey wheels have a high load capacity of 500 kg and an extra strong mounting plate. You will find these Jockey wheels in the overview above. Due to the large number of mounting holes, they are all suitable for mounting the Hapert Trailer.

      Jockey wheels Anssems Trailer

      All Anssems trailers have a square nose wheel instead of a round nose wheel. This is identical in terms of functionality but only has its own unique design. This characteristic shape is a feature of the Anssems trailer and of course we sell it. The Mounting plate is suitable for mounting on the drawbar.

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