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      Jockey wheel trailer 48 mm

      Want to buy a Jockey wheel for trailers 48 mm? Jockey wheels with a tube diameter of 48 mm are used in combination with a loose clamp. Most caravans and unbraked trailers are equipped with this type of Jockey wheel. Show more



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      What kind of nose wheel trailer 48mm do you need?

      Most 48mm nose wheels for trailers have a Steel rim. The advantage of steel is that it is stronger than Plastic. The advantage of Plastic is that it never rusts. Most wheels come with solid rubber wheels. These are wear-resistant and have a high load-bearing capacity. We also offer 48 mm Jockey wheels with a pneumatic tyre, these are usually used for caravans & folding trailers because they regularly stand in the grass. Pneumatic tyres allow you to manoeuvre better over grass and dirt roads. If you're not sure what you need, we recommend a solid rubber wheel. We also supply 48 mm Jockey wheels for trailers with a double wheel. These 48 mm trailer nose wheels with double pneumatic tyre are in most cases fitted to trailers that are moved over soft ground. The large surface of the double pneumatic tyres prevents the Trailer from sinking into soft ground.

      The advantage of Plastic is that it never rusts!


      Safe and incorrect use of a Jockey wheel trailer 48mm

      When using a Jockey wheel 48 mm, it is important to tighten and secure the nose wheel after coupling the trailer. For example, a small, light Jockey wheel is first turned until the wheel locks in the recesses. Then the Jockey wheel is raised 48 mm to its highest position. With a heavy folding Jockey wheel, it should be turned up until the locking device is tight against the wheel.

      An example of incorrect use of a Jockey wheel 48 mm is when the trailer is too heavily loaded, causing too much ball bearing pressure. Because the trailer is then a lot heavier, people use the nose wheel to get the trailer over the tow bar. Another example of misuse is common with Tandem Axles trailers. The trailer nose wheel 48mm is then used, for example, to raise the front end to a height where the wheels no longer touch the ground. This is often done because it makes a Trailer easier to turn. But because the trailer is heavily loaded, a lot of pressure is put on the Jockey wheel 48 mm and possibly the drawbar. Incorrect use of a nose wheel will cause it to wear unnecessarily quickly after some time, cause problems or even damage the drawbar.

      How do I mount a nose wheel on a 48 mm Trailer?

      In most cases, a nose wheel 48 mm trailer is mounted with a nose wheel clamp, drawbar clamp and a set of Mounting materials. Of course, you can also weld on the nose wheel clamp, in which case you will not need a drawbar clamp and Mounting materials. If you bolt your nose wheel Jockey wheels 48 mm directly to the drawbar, it is advisable to ensure that the pattern of your old and new nose wheel Jockey wheels 48 mm match. You can then easily replace your nose wheel trailer 48 mm. If your nose wheel is fixed with a clamp, it is wise to measure the diameter of the tube of the nose wheel trailer 48 mm. Take, for example, 48, 60 or 70 mm.

      Our brands of 48 mm Jockey wheels

      • AL-KO
      • KNOTT
      • Simol
      • Ifor Williams
      • AWD
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