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      Jockey wheels and Prop stands for Trailer and caravan

      Affordable Jockey wheels for trailers and caravans. - Available directly from stock - Select the right tube diameter to make your choice. Show more



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      Jockey wheels extra long 500 kg load capacity
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      € 79,95
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      Tilt-out prop stand 57 mm 1000 kg
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      Jockey wheel SQUARE 60 mm PREMIUM
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      Collapsible Jockey wheels 60 mm 500 kg

      Collapsible Jockey wheels 60 mm 500 kg

      Centre-to-centre distance mounting plate: 105 mm...
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      Jockey wheel traverse AL-KO 1212991
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      Buy Trailer nose wheel Jockey wheels

      The nose wheel is the trailer part most subject to wear and tear. Due to intensive use or sometimes simply because it is not turned properly and sinks while driving. That is why we have a wide range of Jockey wheels which we can deliver directly from stock so that you can fit them on your trailer as early as tomorrow. Simply put, Jockey wheels come in three different varieties; 35 mm, 48 mm & 60 mm. This refers to the tube diameter. The 35 mm Jockey wheel has the least load capacity of the above-mentioned variants. It is only suitable for very light trailers. For normal trailers (think of covered trailers & light boat trailers), the 48 mm nose wheels are suitable in most cases; they are considerably stronger than the 35 mm nose wheels but not as heavy as the 60 mm nose wheels. For heavier work, we recommend the 60 mm Jockey wheels, which have a load capacity of up to 800 kg and can in most cases be folded down so that (when mounted correctly) they are never in the way.

      The nose wheel is the trailer part most subject to wear and tear.

      What is a Jockey wheel?

      A nose wheel is an essential part of a trailer, caravan or folding trailer. It is not compulsory to have a nose wheel, but it is incredibly practical. It makes moving your Trailer a lot easier and lighter. It is also safe. There are Jockey wheels with a separate clamp, but there are also nose wheels that fold up automatically. Find out which is most suitable for you in this article. We have Jockey wheels for small unbraked trailers up to braked trailers with a gross payload of 3500 kg. If you want the best nose wheel in terms of quality in the 48 mm category, we recommend the Jockey wheel Compact AL-KO, round diameter 48 mm, Steel rim with solid rubber wheel. Made of galvanised steel, it weighs a whopping 5 kilograms and turns incredibly smoothly. This Jockey wheel has an excellent price-quality ratio and will last for years on the Trailer if used normally. For the 60 mm version, our preference is for the Al-Ko nose wheel with a load capacity of 500 kg, which is also used by manufacturers in disassembly.

      When should you replace a trailer nose wheel?

      In most cases, you can tell from the appearance of the Jockey wheels whether or not they are worn out. For steel Jockey wheels, they can rust if not galvanised properly unless they are made of stainless steel (stainless steel). For Jockey wheels with a Plastic rim, when the rim wears down, it becomes porous. It often happens that a nose wheel is not properly secured. This causes the nose wheel to come into contact with thresholds, for example. This results in the nose wheel being damaged faster than necessary. Therefore, always make sure that you tighten the Jockey wheel firmly. By properly lubricating the nose wheel at the grease nipple, you ensure that the turning mechanism continues to work smoothly. This also ensures that the screw thread in the mechanism wears less quickly. We recommend regularly lubricating your Jockey wheel with grease, for example this ceramic grease spray.

      Buy steel or Plastic nose wheel?

      The biggest difference between plastic and steel rims is the weight; steel rims are significantly heavier. The advantage, however, is that a steel rim is considerably stronger than a plastic one. With caravans, people often opt for Plastic Rims because their load capacity is important, every kilo counts. For a Trailer, we recommend a nose wheel with a Steel rim as these are simply stronger. If weight is important to you, consider a nose wheel with a Plastic Rim. For trailers with a gross loading capacity of 3500kg, we recommend purchasing one with a steel rim.

      Attaching a nose wheel to the Trailer

      Have you finally got your new Jockey wheel but have no idea how to mount it on your trailer? To start with, it is important that you have the following supplies:

      • The right size Jockey wheel clamps (35mm, 48mm and 60mm)
      • Four Bolts
      • Four washers
      • Four Self-locking Nuts
      • Jockey wheels of the right size (35 mm, 48 mm and 60 mm)

      Trailer nose wheel clamp

      Often, you can also find the necessary mounting materials such as a Jockey wheel clamp under 'related products', at the bottom of a nose wheel product page. But how do you mount a nose wheel on the Trailer? First mount the clamp on the drawbar and then the clamping bolt, an M8 bolt with washer. Then loosen the clamp and fit the new Jockey wheel. Then tighten the clamp again. After this, turn the Jockey wheel up or down as desired.

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