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      Breast bars & accessories

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      Buy Breast bars and accessories for horse trailer

      While transporting your horse, you naturally want it to be as safe and comfortable as possible. That is why, for example, a chest bar in your horse trailer is indispensable. If you suddenly need to brake, a chest bar will make sure your horse cannot hurt itself. In addition, Breast bars are galvanised so they are not easily affected by rust. You will also find other horse trailer supplies in our range such as a securing hook, Breast bar end fittings, breast bar protectors, side shield holders and much more. Do you have questions about our range of Breast bars and Accessories? Or are you not sure what size chest bar you should have for your horse trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service team.

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      Breast bar cut to size

      Breast bars can be cut to size with us. Here is an overview of the most common chest bar sizes:

      • 20 cm Breast bar/bilstbar
      • 30 cm chest bar/bass bar
      • 40 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 50 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 60 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 70 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 80 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 90 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 100 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 110 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 120 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 130 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 140 cm chest bar/bilst bar
      • 150 cm Breast bar/bilst bar

      Would you like a chest bar that is longer than 150 cm? Or would you like a chest bar that is 155 cm long, for example? If so, please contact our customer service team.

      Breast bar end fitting and chest bar protector

      What is a chest bar without a comfortable chest tree protector? Besides the fact that a chest tree protector naturally protects your chest pliers, it is also very comfortable for the horse. The horse can unwind on the move by leaning against the Breast bar. Adding a chest bar protector to your chest bar will make it a lot more pleasant for your horse. In addition, your Breast bar will also last a lot longer. In short, a wonderful win-win situation. In addition to a chest bar, we also sell matching end fittings that you can attach to the chest bar. This is adjustable in lengths from 4 to 5.3 cm with a twist. So you have to add this length to the chest bar itself. You can easily order the required mounting materials under 'related products'. Here you will also find a handy chest bar holder (side shield holder) with a right-angled end fitting. The side shield holder contains two bolt holes. The other 3 holes are for the butt-ends.

      Lock hook for rear horse trailer

      A locking hook, also known as a flap lock or flap hook, is used to lock the flap hook/bracket hook. The lock hooks in our range are made of a flexible cord made of Plastic. In addition, a locking hook is also great to use on flap locks for other trailers.

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