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      Hydraulic Trailer

      Want to buy Hydraulic trailer systems? Trailer Direct sells various electric pumps and hand pumps. But also switches, Batteries, oil and hinge sets and much more! Show more



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      Buy Hydraulic Trailer

      Are you looking for hydraulic oil to, for example, restock your hand pump with fresh new oil? Or would you like to buy new hydraulics for your tipper truck? TrailerDirect has a great range of hydraulic supplies for your trailer. Think about manual pumps and electric pumps. Our range also includes various remote controls with, for example, a Bluetooth connection. This allows you to do your work easily and safely. You will also find various batteries and battery chargers. Do you have any questions about trailer hydraulics or our product range? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you with advice without obligation.

      How does a hydraulic system work?

      Hydraulic is the way movements and forces are transported and controlled by fluids. This type of fluid is also called hydraulic fluid or hydraulic oil. Hydraulic can be used for various systems, for example it is very suitable for braking systems and cranes. Hydraulic is widely used in mechanical engineering, but also of course for electric trailers and trailers with a hand pump. A Hydraulic system consists of several pipes through which hydraulic fluid or oil flows. A hydraulic pump pressurises this oil, this pressure causes the hydraulic cylinder to move. You can use this movement to perform various tasks and the hydraulic valves return the cylinders to their basic position. When the cylinders return to their base position, the excess oil is stored in a reservoir. When you start using the hydraulic pump again, the hydraulic oil is pumped back into the cylinder.

      12V electric hydraulic pump

      What is an electric tipper without an electric hydraulic pump? We have a handy 12v/1.8 kW hydraulic pump with a smart relay. The tank holds as much as 6.6 litres. It is suitable for the somewhat smaller tipper, tail lifts, aerial platforms with an axle lowering and is single-acting. It is suitable for trailers weighing up to 3500 kg. Looking for a new control for your tipper truck? Then you can easily order a power pack control that includes a key lock under 'related products'.

      Buy hydraulic trailer oil

      You can't just pour any kind of oil into your hand pump or electric pump. For this, you need to buy special hydraulic oil. In our range, you will find hydraulic oil from the Kroon brand, for example. Perlus H is a high-quality Multigrade EP hydraulic oil based on specially selected solvent-refined base oils. This hydraulic oil is especially widely used for tippers. Among other things, it has excellent anti-wear properties and very good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. It is suitable for the most severe hydraulic systems of earth-moving machines and fixed installations, which have to operate under high pressures and a wide temperature range.

      Buy Hydraulic Trailer Accessories

      In addition to hydraulic systems, you will of course also find the necessary hydraulic accessories with us. We sell ideal battery boxes to store your Battery nicely. But also various mounting brackets and assembly materials for 3-sided tippers. Naturally, you will also find various hoses for your hand pump, should your current hose need replacing. We offer these in various lengths. Don't see something in our range? Then please contact our customer service. We will be happy to find out whether we can deliver the product you need.

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