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      Gas springs & Mounting for trailers

      Easily replace trailer gas spring yourself - gas springs for trailers - gas spring luggage trailer - gas spring tailgate horse trailer - trailer valve Show more



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      Saris RT500 Speedy gas spring - 400N
      In stock
      Saris RT500 Speedy gas spring - 600N
      In stock
      Saris KL75 Gas spring - 700N - 523 mm
      In stock
      Böckmann Gas spring - 1250N - 612 mm
      In stock
      Böckmann Gas spring - 1500N - 615 mm
      In stock
      Saris Gas spring - 1000N - 895 mm
      In stock
      Hook ball joint M8 for gas pressure spring
      In stock
      Hook ball joint M10 for gas pressure spring
      In stock

      Buy Gas spring Trailer

      Gas springs are useful aids for closing flaps on closed trailers or horseboxes. Of course, other applications are also possible where the gas spring serves as an aid to open and close flap or door in a controlled way. We have a nice stock of Gas Springs of the following brands:

      • AWD
      • Stabilus
      • Anssems
      • Saris
      • Böckman

      Do you have questions about our range of Gas Springs, or are you not quite sure which Gas Springs are suitable for your Trailer or horse trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service now. We will gladly help you find the right Gas spring for your Trailer. Can't find your desired Gas spring size? Please contact us.

      What is a Gas spring?

      A Gas spring is a cylinder that contains a piston, piston rod, nitrogen and a seal with a small amount of oil to prevent gas from escaping. Lockable Gas Springs contain a valve or pin that keeps the spring in a certain position. The pressure can absorb a lot of force and this creates a springy effect in the Gas spring. There are two types of gas springs on the market. Gas spring and gas extension spring. A gas compression spring stretches and thus exerts pressure. This spring is therefore also widely used in the tailgate of cars. Without a Gas spring, a tailgate would be very difficult to open, let alone close again. A gas rack spring works in exactly the opposite way. It retracts and thus provides sufficient tractive force. You can attach this spring to an automatic closing door, for example.

      Useful details of a Gas spring Trailer:

      To pick the right replacement Gas spring Trailer, it is useful to find out the following data on your current Gas spring:

      • Force (N): The amount of force the Gas Spring Trailer should have in Newtons.
      • Construction diameter (Ø mm): Indicates the diameter of the piston rod/cylinder in millimetres (8/18, 10/22, 14/28)
      • Thread size: M8 or M10 thread at the end of the Gas spring
      • Length / Stroke (mm) : The length of the Gas Spring without the threaded ends in millimetres

      How to mount a Gas spring?

      Mount the spring so that most of the time the thinner side faces down, this ensures that the seal stays better lubricated. This will also extend the life of your Gas spring. In addition, you should always mount a Gas spring in an extended position. Do not try to manually depress the Gas spring, as this increases the risk of the rod bending. Mount your Gas spring so that it is loaded lengthwise. In addition, we recommend mounting the spring with a ball joint at one end to partially absorb any incorrect load.

      Gas spring service life

      If you mount a Gas spring correctly, it can last for years. A normal Gas spring can be used in different temperatures without any problems, this can handle -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. However, if it exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, it can become dangerous. In addition, too high a temperature can be detrimental to the life of the spring. Unfortunately, it is also not possible to refill a Gas spring yourself, should it be empty. This is because it is very dangerous and should therefore never be opened.

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