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      Trailer safety cables

      Want to buy a Trailer safety cable? We have a nice range of Trailer safety cables and Breakaway cables. Trailer safety cables and breakaway cables provide extra safety! Show more



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      When to use what? When do you use a Breakaway cable and when a Trailer safety cable with steel wire? A Trailer is attached to the car by connecting it to the tow bar. If the Trailer simply stays attached to this, there is nothing wrong. But if it suddenly comes off, you have a big and dangerous problem. To prevent this, you need extra security. If you don't, you run the risk of dangerous situations on the road. A Trailer safety cable offers more security and safety. We always say: better safe than sorry!

      We therefore recommend always equipping your Trailer with a proper Trailer safety cable.

      Is a Trailer safety cable mandatory?

      The legislation for unbraked trailers up to 750 kg has been changed to make it uniform in Europe. Previously, a breakaway cable was mandatory as a Trailer safety cable. This is a steel wire which was fitted as an extra securing device. Now this is no longer compulsory but beware! If the trailer has a breakaway cable, it must be used properly otherwise you risk a fine from the police. An extremely warped reasoning, but it is unfortunately true at the moment.

      When do I use a Trailer safety cable?

      • A Breakaway cable is used for trailers with an overrun brake and therefore with a brake-infixture. The Breakaway cable ensures that the handbrake is applied and the trailer comes to a stop.
      • Trailer safety cables are used with unbraked trailers as an extra coupling should the coupling come loose from the tow bar.

      Where do you attach a Trailer safety cable?

      An unbraked trailer with a gross payload of 750 kg is fitted with a fixed steel cable. There is often still debate as to how this Trailer safety cable should be attached to the towing vehicle. According to the regulations, the trailer safety cable (steel cable) of an unbraked trailer(s) must be connected to a fixed part of the towing vehicle or to an intended device on the tow bar, so that it only acts after the trailer coupling has been disconnected. The steel coupling should ensure that the trailer does not touch the ground. Unfortunately, it is common for the Trailer safety cable to be laid loose over the tow bar. Attaching a Trailer safety cable like this is therefore insufficient. Want to attach a clamp to a detachable tow bar? No problem! This then forms the Trailer safety cable together with the steel cable of the trailer. Such a clamp can also easily be used to mount a breakaway device (if you want to use another Trailer with an overrun brake with a breakaway device). However, a clamp does not fit on a flange coupling, but it does fit on most detachable towbars.

      Need advice with a Trailer safety cable?

      Would you like to buy a trailer safety cable, but not sure whether it's better to buy a Breakaway cable or a Trailer safety cable? Then feel free to contact us! We will help through a no-obligation consultation. Do you need help mounting a Trailer safety cable? You have come to the right place too. You can visit us in Heerenveen by appointment.

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