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      Everything for motorbike storage and transport

      We have a wide range of motorbike accessories for choppers, BMWs and all other motorbikes. Various motorbike covers, wheel clamps, stands, ramps and motorbike movers at competitive prices! Show more



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      Acebikes (Lashing) strap with loop set
      In stock
      Ramps + handles - 229x28x5 cm - 680 kg

      Ramps + handles - 229x28x5 cm - 680 kg

      Acebikes curved aluminium ramp with handles - su...
      In stock
      Ramp carry bag 120x17x32 cm
      In stock
      Motorbike shunting aid - 275 kg
      In stock
      D-ring - 2 pieces - heavy duty duo
      In stock

      Motorbike Accessories

      You have bought a nice motorbike and you want to put it on your motorbike trailer for example, for this you will need (Lashing) straps. You have come to the right place when it comes to Accessories for your car, motorbike, caravan and especially your Trailer. We sell enclosure clamps, wheel harnesses, motorbike & scooter covers and (Lashing) straps.

      (Lashing) straps and motorbike wheel harnesses

      To properly secure your motorbike on your trailer, you also need good (lashing) straps. Our motorbike (lashing) straps come in a handy carrying bag for easy transport. The hooks on the (Lashing) straps are made of plastic or rubber to prevent damage, and have spring-loaded locking clips for extra safety. The loops on many (Lashing) straps are also bound in sheepskin to prevent damage to the handlebars. Wheel harnesses secure your motorbike's tyres even better, they are made of high-quality materials and are therefore very durable. They also contain special friction materials for maximum safety during transport.

      Engine grip clamps

      Enclosure clamps are ideal if you want to store your bike somewhere, on a transporter or in your garage for example. All our enclosure clamps are Acebikes brand, the enclosure clamps come in different types for different tyre sizes. Here is a list:

      • Acebikes Steady Stand - 15 to 19 inches
      • Acebikes Steady Stand Multi - 15 to 21 inch
      • Acebikes Steady Stand Fixed Scooter - 10 - 13 inch
      • Acebikes Steady Stand Fixed - 10 up to 19 inch
      • Acebikes Steady Stand Multi Fixed - 15 to 21 inch
      • Acebikes Steady Stand Cross Basic - 18 to 21 inch
      • Acebikes Steady Stand Cross - 18 - 21 inch

      Of course there are more differences than just tyre sizes, you can compare these with each product. For example, pay close attention to the tyre width as this can also be different for each riding clamp. We also sell two motorbike lifts, one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel. These motorbike lifts are ideal for tyre changes or brake maintenance. The smooth-rolling wheels and extra-wide handle make operating them child's play too. These are made of aluminium and the maximum weight of the motorbike lift is 200 kg.

      Motorbike, scooter covers & shunting aid motorbike

      If you have your motorbike or scooter outside, it's still useful to put a cover around it, as the motorbike can take off in bad weather and you shouldn't want that. The covers we offer are waterproof which is ideal to protect your motorbike. These covers are from the ProPlus brand. We also offer a shunting aid for your motorbike. Acebikes has a U-turn motor mover that we are allowed to sell. This mover is suitable for a motorbike with a wheelbase of 130 to 152.5 cm. With this mover, you can easily move your motorbike in tight spaces or in the garage, easy to adjust without tools and easy to fold up again. The maximum motor length can be 210 cm and the maximum load 275 kg. It is made of galvanised steel and therefore hardly rusts.

      Other motorbike accessories

      Of course, there are still some Accessories that have not yet been discussed such as the folding ramp. This is handy for driving up your bike and easy to take with you thanks to the handles on the side of the ramp, you can also buy a carrying bag from Acebikes to make it easier and store it more neatly. The bag is easy to lift and has a full-length zip. Furthermore, we also have a Brakefix from Acebikes. This is a practical device for easily and reliably securing your bike's brakes. This clamp is also perfect to use in combination with a riding clamp. The clamp is easily adjustable and features a simple but safe and durable 'click to lock' system. We also have a GPS tracker if you always want to know where your bike is. With the included tape, this small handy 'black box' is easy to place. We also offer different types of attachment in the form of D-rings and a set of rails. We sell a set of two D-rings that have a maximum load of 2250 kg. These rings are galvanised solid steel and therefore do not rust. We also offer a set of four D-rings, which have a maximum load of 550 kg. This set will also not rust as they are also made of galvanised solid steel. The Acebikes Flexi Rail is a rail set that can be screwed to the floor on either the left or right side, this allows you to easily mount the (Lashing) straps in any position. This set comes with carabiners and fixing hooks. For further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

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