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      Complete grease gun kit, mulitmeters, WD40, brake cleaner, contact cleaner, penetrating oil, multi-spray, Vaseline spray, plastic and rubber conditioner and much more Show more



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      Rim brush

      Rim brush

      Suitable for any type of Rims.
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      Potting jack - 2000 kg
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      WD40 (450 ml)
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      Vaseline spray 500 ml. Motip
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      Trailer maintenance products

      Of course you want your car, motorbike, bicycle or caravan to keep functioning properly, for this you sometimes need some products. All products for maintenance can be found on this page, from WD40 to coolant! We also have cleaning products for proper cleaning. To keep your nuts and bolts running smoothly, we also have various grease sprays and lubrication and protection products.


      Let's start with the so-called wonder product, WD40. This wonder product is known for expelling moisture and removing grease, loose rust and paint. It also stops creaks and squeaks. WD-40 can be used for many things, but there are a few things you need to pay attention to. First, make sure you use the spray in a well-ventilated room as it can cause dizziness or drowsiness. Also, repeated exposure can cause dry or cracked skin. Hence, you should also always keep this product away from children, just like almost all sprays.

      Grease gun & grease pots

      In our range, we have a grease gun that you can buy separately, purchase with cartridges or buy in a bundle with one cartridge. A grease gun is a handy pressure pump that allows you to easily apply a lubricant to hard-to-reach places. Without the use of a grease gun, you can skip the hard-to-reach areas faster, which can cause damage. Using a grease gun can ensure that your products last much longer. We also offer a loose grease gun hose and if your cartridges are empty, you can also easily order a new one from us. In terms of grease pots, we offer two types of anti-corrosion grease pots. One is 600 grams and the other is 900 grams. Both are good for fighting corrosion and wear. We also have a ceramic grease spray from the Pro Part brand. This is specially developed for applications where high pressure and temperature resistance is required. This product is excellent for brake pads, exhaust systems, wheel nuts and machine parts as it prevents seizing and annoying side noises.

      Other lubricants

      Pro Part offers two more sprays, namely a multispray and a Power Teflon spray. The multi spray is a high-quality lubricant for maintaining, lubricating and protecting installations, tools, hinges, Locks and Bearings. The Power Teflon spray is also a high-quality lubricant but based on PTFE, which stands for PolyTetraFluorEthene, the brand name of this substance is Teflon. PTFE is a type of plastic that can be used in various applications. Of all types of plastic, PTFE has the lowest resistance. Motip is also a well-known brand when it comes to lubricating and cleaning parts. From Motip, for example, we have a creep oil that is ideal for loosening rusted parts due to the good action of the graphite and MoS2 (molybdenum disulphide) present. This penetrating oil is moisture displacing and corrosion resistant. The same applies to Motip Vaseline spray, which also prevents wear and sticking, is water-repellent and has a corrosion-resistant effect. It also adheres well and the spray is PH-neutral. We also sell a number of cleaning products, such as Motip contact cleaner with high dissolving power. This is ideal for cleaning plug sockets. Besides contact cleaner, there is also Motip brake cleaner. It specialises in removing grease, dirt, oil and lubrication from the brake parts in your car. You can order the brake cleaner either separately or in a package of 12. The last Motip spray we have is plastic & rubber conditioner. This user-friendly spray is meant for conditioning rubber parts, restoring shine and intensifying the colour of Plastic. Finally, we have a galvanising spray from Hard Hat called RUST-OLEUM, which is a quick-drying zinc/aluminium coating.

      Coolant & glass cleaner

      In addition to lubricants, you will of course also need regular coolant to maintain your car. You can order this from us in 1 litre or 5 litres. With the 1 litre coolant you have less which is sometimes easier to store, but it protects against frost down to -26 ⁰C. The 5-litre long-life coolant protects against frost down to -40 ⁰C. Besides car coolant, you also need glass cleaner for beautiful shiny windows. The Glass Devil is a professional cleaner for the whole car. Suitable for car windows, mirrors, dashboards, Plastic and glass surfaces, among others. It is also suitable for domestic use.

      Bottle jack & axle stand

      A pot jack is designed to lift a vehicle, for example a caravan or car. The jack works hydraulically and is easy to operate with a lever. The jack we offer can only be used in combination with an axle support or wheel chock. The maximum capacity of this jack is 2 tonnes. Always make sure the jack is on a hard flat ground and place it horizontally. To make sure the car or caravan stays in place, you can buy adapters and put them on the pot jack. We sell five sets of axle supports, you can use these to support the vehicle. The maximum permissible weight may vary from set to set, but it is often indicated whether the maximum permissible weight is per axle support or per set, so pay close attention to this.

      Other maintenance products

      We also have a handful of handy maintenance gadgets. Take the Rim Brush for example, which is very handy if you want to clean your Rims without scratches. We also have a nice orange hacksaw with a 33 cm Plastic handle for cutting wood, Plastic and Metal. Furthermore, we also have an air & siphon pump 2 in 1 in our range. This air pump is suitable for siphoning oil and other liquids, ideal for transferring fuel from your car to a lawnmower, for example. In our range, we also offer a premium quality digital multimeter from the Fluxon brand. Its practical packaging makes it easy to carry around, it also features a sliding lid to protect the meter. This allows you to carry out various measurement tasks. Finally, we have two types of LED bike lights, both are rechargeable through a micro USB cable. The only difference between the two is that one is white and the other is red.

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