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      Car lights and mounting materials

      Car lamps H1, H4, H7, complete spare lamp sets and Mounting materials delivered quickly and affordably throughout the Benelux Show more



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      Car lights

      Are your car lights broken or do you want a spare set? Then you've come to the right place. How do you know what kind of bulb you need? You can simply find it in your car's documentation or instruction booklet. You can also look up the headlight and check the bulb yourself, but that is a bit more difficult. Of course, taking your car to the garage for a bulb change is always an option as well.

      An H4 or H7 bulb?

      What is the difference and which one do I need? The H4 bulb has two filaments where the H7 bulb has only one. The two filaments of the H4 bulb are for a low beam and a high beam. So when you use your high beam, the filament of the low beam goes out for a while. This bulb is still the most popular bulb for a car. The H4 bulb is also easily recognised by the three contacts at the bottom and the base of the bulb is thick.

      Thus, the H7 bulb has only one filament. Compared to the H4 bulb, the H7 bulb is also improved and also has a brighter light output. It is used for high beam, low beam but also as a fog light, but never combined. So you need a separate bulb for low beam and high beam. Cars fitted with this bulb therefore have a separate reflector for high and low beam. The H7 bulb is somewhat thinner than an H4 bulb and there are two contacts at the bottom. Because of the differences in these bulbs, you really need to get the right one to fit.

      Spare bulbs & Mounting materials

      Always take an extra set of bulbs to be on the safe side, so you can change your bulb in an emergency. Most spare sets can be stored near your spare wheel or in the glove compartment. To mount your lights or connect wires, we also offer various cable lugs and fuse sets. Car fuses are melt-proof and protect the wiring from too high an electric current. Most car fuses are fitted in a so-called fuse box, which is usually located under the dashboard or in the engine compartment. There are different types of car fuses, the best known is the colour-coded rectangular plug-in fuses, but there are also glass tubes with a metal contact at both ends, a so-called glass fuse. Cable lugs can be used as handy connectors to connect or make contact with electric cables. You mount the cable lugs together with crimping pliers to put the connector on the cable in a correct and safe way to avoid short circuits. We also offer shrink sleeves to protect cables and sealing rings in a handy Plastic box in all different sizes.

      Worklamps, interior lighting & torches

      For when you want to tinker in the dark or just in better light, you can also buy Worklamps from us. We have worklamps made of halogen or LED. The advantage of LED is that they are much more economical and durable than halogen Worklamps, but LED lamps are also a bit pricier. All Worklamps are easy to connect with a 2-wire cable and shrink sleeves to make it a bit neater and safer. We also offer battery-operated Worklamps, which you can easily hang up anywhere using the Magnet in the bottom of the lamp. The torch we offer is also LED and extendable so you can shine a light into difficult corners to see better. It also includes a Magnet so you can easily pick up fallen screws, for example. We also offer an interior light from Aspöck, which has a switch and can be easily mounted through the mounting holes. For further information and questions, please contact our customer service team

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