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      Batteries, Battery chargers & trickle chargers

      Battery chargers, Battery chargers, trickle chargers, jumper cables, inverters, battery terminal clamps and many more Accessories for batteries and accumulators Show more



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      Battery chargers 6V/12V 8Amp

      Battery chargers 6V/12V 8Amp

      Only for 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries (15aH - ...
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      Battery charger 12V 6Amp

      Battery charger 12V 6Amp

      Only for 12V lead-acid batteries (min. 20AH)
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      Trickle charger 6/12V - 5 amps
      In stock
      Jump cable 200Amp
      In stock
      Jump cable 600Amp
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      Batteries, chargers and trickle chargers

      Your battery may be dead or in need of replacement, but what kind of battery, Battery charger or trickle charger do I need? Or what is a Battery charger or trickle charger at all? A Battery is a rechargeable galvanic cell, they can supply high current to your car, for example. A battery is not exactly the same as a battery since a battery can deliver a lot of current and is also rechargeable. Most problems with a battery are also not due to the battery itself but due to improper or late charging of the battery.

      How does a Battery work?

      Battery operation is triggered when the plus and minus terminals of the battery are formed as a closed circuit. In the closed circuit, a reaction occurs at the negative electrode in which electrons are formed. The absorption of electrons starts simultaneously with the other reaction at the positively charged electrode. The electrons are guided to the terminals by both electrodes after which a separator assumes the important role of preventing electrons from moving between the electrodes. The separator only allows ions to pass through, the electrons can move to another cell but only via an external route. This leads to a voltage difference and therefore the connected device functions.

      The operation of Battery chargers

      While charging a Battery, this operation is exactly reversed. The supply of electricity creates a chemical reaction that strips the positive electrode of negative electrons and the negative electrode replenishes itself with negative electrons. The Battery charger ensures that the Battery is immediately fully charged, unlike a trickle charger which does this more slowly. The old-fashioned Battery chargers had the disadvantage of continuing to charge without checking whether the Battery was full. All our Battery chargers stop when the Battery is 100% charged, which is indicated on the Battery charger itself by means of an indicator light. In case of a short circuit, the Battery charger automatically stops, after a few minutes it switches on again and continues charging.

      What are trickle chargers and how do they work?

      A trickle charger ensures that a Battery does not run down and break down but remains constantly active. This is very handy for when you don't use your vehicle for a while. The difference with a Battery charger is that a Battery charger actually charges straight up, so you also have to disconnect the alligator clips in time to avoid overcharging. With trickle chargers, you have to leave the connection to the Battery, this way you can keep the Battery trickle charged to 100 per cent or below.

      Battery chargers from Victron energy

      Victron energy specialises in Batteries and Accessories, their Battery chargers are extremely suitable for professional use. The Blue Smart Battery chargers have built-in bluetooth which allows you to view the information from your Battery charger on your smartphone or tablet with the Victron Connect app. These Battery chargers also have a 7-step charging algorithm, giving your Battery better performance and longer life. They are also resistant to chemicals and dust and are splash and rainwater proof. Battery chargers range from 7 to 15 amps. You can calculate the charging speed by dividing the ampere rating of the Battery by the ampere rating of the Battery charger.


      Besides just Batteries, Battery chargers and trickle chargers, we also sell Accessories, which you can buy as extras or because you need them. Take battery cables, for instance, which you can order from us by the metre. We also have press cable eyes for the cables. You can also find battery boxes on our site, which help prevent corrosion. We also have jumper cables for when you cannot start your car, a battery tester to check the status of your Battery and some other Accessories. If you have any questions about related accessories or Battery chargers, feel free to contact our customer service.

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