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      Tension locks for trailers

      Want to buy Tension locks for trailers? Here you will find Tension locks, rear board locks and side board locks in various designs and sizes. Show more



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      Tension lock trailer

      If your trailer has (side) boards, stainless steel Tension locks are indispensable. A turnbuckle is versatile and is used for various hinges and closures. They have a high holding power and give a very strong, reliable connection. Tension locks are also used to absorb shock loads and vibrations or to press and hold enclosures together. This is why you often see them in a caravan or boat. We have a wide range of locks and fasteners for trailer boards of various brands. In addition, you will also find useful Tension lock Accessories such as a tension rubber for the bonnet and sliding locks with tension spring. Do you now have questions about our product range? Or are you not sure which buckle is suitable for your Trailer? Then please contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you pick the right model. Our brands:

      • AWD
      • Anssems
      • Eduard
      • Winterhoff

      What is a Tension lock Trailer?

      A Tension lock allows you to clamp a flap or door closed. You sometimes see this on toolboxes or suitcases. They are often used to secure the tailgate. A great advantage of a stainless steel Tension lock is the robust and reliable connection. You can use stainless steel turnbuckles to temporarily connect wooden panels. It gives you a dismountable connection that consists of two parts. These two connections are also called a tension fastener and a counter piece. They are ideal because you can loosen the fastener with one simple action.

      Tension lock stainless steel and galvanised

      You can often buy a Tension lock in stainless steel and in an electroplated state. A stainless steel Tension lock means that it is made of "Stainless Steel". This designation is given because the material is more rust-resistant than 'ordinary' steel. You can only call such material stainless steel if it has a certain composition. But what exactly is the difference between a stainless steel tension lock and a galvanised Tension lock? A galvanised (galvanised) buckle has a thin layer of zinc, which protects the material better against certain weather conditions. In addition, a galvanised model is a lot stronger than one made of stainless steel. But a galvanised turnbuckle is more susceptible to rust.

      Steel Tension locks and aluminium Tension locks

      Tension locks for steel side boards belong to the most commonly used trailers such as Anssems, TEMARED, Eduard, Humbaur, Hulco, Saris, Hapert, and many more. Steel shackles are often easy to use and have a strong construction. Tension locks made of aluminium do not differ much from the steel variant. They work in exactly the same way. The turnbuckle slides onto the lock and blocks any possibility of opening the side.

      Anssems sideboard lock

      Do you have an Anssems Trailer and is, for example, the built-in tension lock in need of replacement? In our assortment you will find sideboard closures especially for Anssems trailers. These are available in various sizes and made of aluminium. We have Anssems side board locks for both the left and the right side, but also for different types of Anssems trailers. Think for example of a side board lock for an Anssems MSX. But also for the BSX and GT types.

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