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      Attachment points for load securing

      Various fastening points to secure your cargo such as floor rings, fastening eyes, brackets and various types of hooks and fasteners. Show more



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      Fastening ring on base 100x14 mm
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      Floor anchor for Anssems PSX and Hulco Medax
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      Mounting eye for rail with spring 900 DaN
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      Rails for load securing á 1 metre
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      S-hook 40x4 mm
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      S-hook 70x7 mm
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      Buy Trailer load securing points

      Being safe on the road with your trailer goes without saying, so it is also important that your trailer is equipped with quality load securing points. Unfortunately, despite the guidelines, many accidents still happen because the load is not secured properly. Reason enough to secure your Trailer during the trip. Here, you will find a wide range of different attachment points such as lashing eyes, floor rings, floor anchors, telescopic bars and much more! So you can easily secure your (Lashing) straps, for example. We sell Trailer lashing points from the following brands:

      • AWD
      • Novio
      • ProPlus

      Do you have any questions about our range of load securing points? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you choose the right load securing points for your trailer.

      Your load must not slide or tip over

      Trailer load securing regulations

      As we have already mentioned, you must ensure that your load cannot slide or tip over while driving. This is because it is a misconception to think that a heavy load will stay in place because of its weight. Any load that is not properly secured can move. According to Dutch traffic laws, the load should not fall off the trailer or trailer under normal circumstances. Normal circumstances include braking, swerve and a poor road surface. The Dutch legal text therefore also describes the following according to Article 5.18.6:

      1. The load or parts thereof must be secured in such a way that they cannot fall from the vehicle under normal traffic situations, including full braking, sudden evasive manoeuvres and bad road surface.

      2. Loose cargo in respect of which there is a danger of it, or parts thereof, falling from the vehicle while driving must be adequately covered.

      Trailer floor rings and lashing rings

      Tie-down rings, lashing rings and floor rings are Trailer parts with the same function. They are ideal for easily securing your load. A floor ring or lashing eye is often inserted into the floor plate of a trailer and secured with matching screws. You might be wondering exactly which lashing eye you need. This is difficult to say because it depends on the type of load you want to transport. For example, do you want to transport light pallets? Then a 2 tonne lashing eye will suffice. Are you planning to transport large machines? Then you need a lashing eye that can handle a bit more. Are you looking for robust floor rings? Then our galvanised floor rings are a great option. Because these floor rings are galvanised, you prevent any rusting and they last considerably longer than ordinary floor rings.

      Rails load securing and hooks

      Rails load securing is a tie rail that contains a slotted profile with a round hole. This allows both lashing (lashing) straps with a slotted hole fitting and a telescopic rod with an end plug to fit into the rail. With a combination of a (Lashing) strap and telescopic rod, you can secure or lock the load. This prevents your load from sliding or tilting while driving. In our range, you will find rails of various lengths and thicknesses. Looking for attachment points to secure your Trailer net? Then you can buy rope hooks, for example; we sell these separately and in handy sets. Some trailer nets sometimes also have a woven-in elastic that you can attach to such a rope hook. Among other things, you will find Metal and Plastic hooks here.

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