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        Buy Humbaur Trailer Humbaur GmbH is the market leader and leading manufacturer of various trailers in Europe. It all started in 1957 by selling trailers for agricultural vehicles. Here you can think of trailers, grain mills and ploughs. In 1981, the step was taken to add trailers for passenger cars to the range. When Ulrich Humbaur made his appear Show more



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        Buy Humbaur Trailer

        Humbaur GmbH is the market leader and leading manufacturer of various trailers in Europe. It all started in 1957 by selling trailers for agricultural vehicles. Here you can think of trailers, grain mills and ploughs. In 1981, the step was taken to add trailers for passenger cars to the range. When Ulrich Humbaur made his appearance, the production of in-house trailers was initiated. Today, Humbaur makes more than 50,000 trailers a year, in as many as 400 different designs! In short, a wonderful example of highly successful "Made in Germany" products. We are therefore super proud to offer Humbaur trailers in our range.

        Humbaur trailer parts

        Are you in possession of a Humbaur trailer and looking for replacement Humbaur parts? Or would you like to expand your Humbaur trailer with attachments, for example? Then you've come to the right place. Fortunately, Humbaur has a lot of options if you would like to fit your trailer with new or replacement parts. Do you own an HKT motorbike trailer, for example, and are looking for a new loading floor? Then you can easily order a new loading floor via the Trailer's model number. Based on the model or chassis number of your Humbaur trailer, we can easily order the right matching Humbaur Trailer parts. Please also feel free to contact us if you need certain Humbaur parts.


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        The quality of a Humbaur Trailer

        What makes a Humbaur Trailer so special? Besides receiving many awards and certificates including the recent Equitana innovation award in 2017, Humbaur chooses to produce its trailers only in Germany according to German quality guidelines. They do the development and construction of a Humbaur trailer at the same location, which means the internal lines are short and quick and expert feedback from production can be taken into account when developing Humbaur trailer models. Humbaur itself has made up 10 reasons in which a Humbaur trailer stands out:

        • - first-class tested processing
        • - use of high-quality components
        • - very user-friendly
        • - well-thought-out functions
        • - corrosion resistance
        • - robust, low-maintenance and durable
        • - Dekra-approved safety
        • - lots of driving comfort
        • - large production portfolio
        • - wide range of accessories


        In addition, Humbaur not only makes trailers using the latest production techniques, a Humbaur trailer is also built using the highest quality materials. These can be parts from different manufacturers, such as Axles, tyres, Lights, but also where necessary, parts are designed and produced by Humbaur itself. A Humbaur trailer is often used in rather tough conditions. For this purpose, Humbaur has created special test tracks. Here they test the chassis and frame of its Humbaur trailers under maximum load in order to simulate use under the most extreme harsh conditions. Because of this, it is not surprising that Humbaur has the highest possible certification, namely DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as KBA-ZM-A. Partly by having all this checked and tested by DEKA, a Humbaur trailer remains fit for purpose for many years.

        Our range of Humbaur trailers consists of:

        Humbaur box trailer


        The unbraked bucket trailer Humbaur trailer is a jack-of-all-trades and therefore also the most common trailer. Take, for example, the so-called 'Steely' Humbaur trailer. It has a waterproof, non-slip wooden floor and its robust construction makes the Steely flatbed trailer look good in the garden and on the building site. Tension locks keep the tailgate securely closed. Would you like a high or a flat cover? As the attachment knobs are already pre-assembled - you can always convert them. In addition, the Humbaur box trailer has corner profiles with plug-in facility and 4 attachment rings on the inside of the side wall. Finally, this unbraked Humbaur box trailer has a protective yellow soft dock for the coupling. The Humbaur box-body trailer is available as a single- or tandem-axle version. Here is an overview of all Humbaur box-body variants:

        • - Humbaur trailer Steely
        • .
        • - Humbaur trailer Steely DK
        • - Humbaur trailer Startrailer
        • - Humbaur trailer single axle aluminium HA
        • - Humbaur trailer HA Allrounder
        • - Humbaur trailer aluminium tipper
        • - Humbaur Trailer HA aluminium with folding tailgate
        • - Humbaur trailer aluminium, board wall 500 mm
        • - Humbaur trailer HA multi
        • - Humbaur trailer single axle flatbed HU
        • - Humbaur single-axle flatbed trailer lowered HN


        Humbaur flatbed trailer

        A Humbaur trailer platform trailer is ideal because it is versatile. With a wide choice of accessories, you can equip the flatbed trailer for many purposes. This Humbaur Trailer transports your motorbikes, bicycles, garden tools and much more. In addition, you can fold down and even remove the side walls. This makes it easy to load and unload your load with a forklift truck, for example. To prevent your load from shifting on the way, you can secure it with the lashing straps recessed in the aluminium side walls. In addition, this Humbaur Trailer has excellent integrated Lights in underride guards and is also available in various versions. Here is an overview of all Humbaur platform trailer variants:

        • - Low loader HA
        • - High loader HN
        • - Sail trailer with tailgate
        • - High loader HT


        Humbaur car transporters and multitransporters

        Are you looking for an ideal Humbaur Trailer that can transport different vehicles for professional use? Then a vehicle transporter is highly recommended. Thanks to its sturdy and durable design, the MTK is a wonderful Humbaur Trailer both as a single or tandem axle. With an allowable weight between 1500 and 3500 kg, you can also safely transport heavier vehicles. Both the frame and the chassis are hot-dip galvanized. This prevents any rusting. In addition, this Humbaur Trailer is equipped with a length-adjustable cable winch that is mounted on a stable trestle. With the extendable, hot-dip galvanized steel beams, you easily drive the vehicle onto the Humbaur Trailer via a small drive-up angle. Optionally, you can use another hydraulic system that lifts the bridge. To safely lash your load, lashing devices (no less than 8 pairs!) are attached to the sides of the chassis for a lashing force of 400 kg each. Our Humbaur vehicle transporters are available in several variants. We also have, for example, a tippable tandem-axle vehicle transporter.

        Are you looking for a lightweight variant Humbaur vehicle transporter for transporting small vehicles and motorbikes? Then the KFT version is an appropriate choice. It is available in two equipment packages: for transporting vehicles and for transporting motorbikes. The vehicles package comes with a pair of aluminium ramps and two disc supports, which stabilise the Humbaur Trailer when loading and unloading. The motorbike equipment package includes a mounted shaft for ramps, two separate motorbike clips, two separate tie-down brackets and a motorbike ramp rail. Optionally, you can add a third motor clamp with tie-down bracket. The enlarged loading area also offers space for a slightly larger small car or up to three motorbikes. You get the most out of a Humbaur Trailer KFT with the optional 350 mm aluminium side wall. As a result, this Humbaur trailer can also prove itself in other transport challenges.

        With the extendable, hot-dip galvanised steel beams, you easily drive the vehicle onto the Humbaur Trailer via a small ramp angle.

        Humbaur trailer motorbike trailer

        The Humbaur HKT lowering single axle trailer makes it super easy to transport small cars and motorbikes from A to B. Each HKT Humbaur Trailer features a bolted and galvanised chassis. The hydraulic telescopic loading surface makes unloading and loading the Trailer at a low load angle of 4° to max. 6° - depending on the model - very easy and comfortable. What really stands out about this Humbaur Trailer is the rear over-ride side, in combination with swivelling badge holder. The standard version includes the insertion of options at all corners, for example of a tarpaulin frame that is easy to install. This allows you to make optimum use of all of the HKT Humbaur Trailer for every requirement and every situation.

        Humbaur trailer tipper

        Humbaur has three-sided tippers and Tandem axle rearward tippers. Characteristic of the HUK rearward tipper is the galvanised base plate with V-hub outer frame and recessed lashing eyes. This rearward tipper Humbaur Trailer has a tipping angle of 45 degrees. All tipping models can be equipped with an electric pump and attachment for aluminium construction boards or green waste. In addition, the rearward tipper is also available in a single-axle version. The three-sided tipper is fitted with an electric and manual pump as standard from 3000 kg. This allows you to easily and simply tilt your tipper however you want. In addition, this three-sided tipper Humbaur Trailer includes an automatic support wheel and a 4-stage hard-chromed tipping cylinder.

        Questions about a Humbaur Trailer?

        Would you like more information about a Humbaur Trailer? Or are you not quite sure which Humbaur trailer is suitable for your purposes? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with advice without obligation. Would you like to schedule BOVAG maintenance on your Humbaur trailer? Then you can come to us too! We carry out BOVAG maintenance at our location in Heerenveen.

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