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      The Hulco trailer You buy a Hulco trailer at a trusted dealer. TrailerDirect is the designated dealer for buying a Hulco trailer in the north of the Netherlands. Always a large stock of Hulco trailers directly available from stock and delivered to your location in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are also happy to provide service and maintenance. Show more



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      The Hulco trailer

      You buy a Hulco trailer at a trusted dealer. TrailerDirect is the designated dealer for buying a Hulco trailer in the north of the Netherlands. Always a large stock of Hulco trailers directly available from stock and delivered to your location in the Netherlands and Belgium. We are also happy to provide service and maintenance.

      The Hulco Trailer is ideal for the professional who demands the utmost of his equipment. Aanhangwagendirect is the Hulco specialist in the north of the country and delivers Hulco trailers throughout the Benelux. Always an advantageous offer and all possible accessories and accessories available directly from stock. Benefit from advantageous combi deals with Drawbar boxes, locks and also a spare wheel for the Hulco trailer.


      Hulco is the brand for the trailer you can ask for just a little bit more.

      Hulco is the brand for the trailer you can ask for just a little bit more.

      Hulco has been manufacturing high quality trailers since 2003 and supplying them across Europe. The trailers Hulco makes are ideally suited for very intensive use. A heavy chassis with many cross members and cross bracing forms the basis of this powerhouse. This makes Hulco's trailers widely used for professional purposes.

      hulco cargo trailersHulco medax trailerHulco carrax trailer

      Hulco's product range includes the:

      • Carax multitransporter
      • Medax flatbed trailer
      • Terrax machine transporter

      All Hulco trailers are low-maintenance because robust and strong standard equipment is used.

      Bovag warranty for Hulco trailer


      The warranties on our trailers are in accordance with the Anssems and Hulco warranty conditions. If you want to claim the warranty or have any questions about it, contact us.


      The trailers you buy from us are Bovag approved as standard. Of course, you can also come to us for the annual inspection of your Hulco trailer. More information about BOVAG inspections, ISO certification and VCA obligations can be found here.

      Delivery of a Hulco trailer on location


      Trailers can be collected during our standard opening hours in Heerenveen, our current opening hours can be found here.

      Unique is our service to have the Trailer delivered to a location of your choice. This saves you travel time and we will gladly take care of it for you. If you have opted for this, we will contact you to discuss a date and time.

      Hulco Terrax

      The most widely used machine transporter for earthmoving professionals is the Hulco Terrax. Available in a basic version with a load capacity of 2055kg, the Terrax Basic is the best possible starting point for the further line of Terrax models. The basic version has a fully galvanised chassis and concrete plywood floor plate. Its low loading floor height of 32cm and long ramp flap make loading up equipment a breeze. All rotating parts are as you would expect from Hulco trailers of premium quality.

      The other Terrax models come with a steel floor plate and extra floor support. A godsend when you want to push the Trailer to its limits and will not shy away from a challenge. With a robust high-profile tailgate you will have plenty of grip when driving up the ramp. Optionally equipped with haulm racks, it is mulitfunctional. Secure locks ensure that you can always close the ramp properly and safely transport your valuable equipment. The low loading floor makes the Terrax the ideal trailer for transporting excavators, aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, shovels and much more. Standard features include a bucket support on the drawbar and plenty of tying options so you can secure your load.

      Download the Hulco Terrax brochure

      Hulco Carax

      The heavy-duty multi-transporter was introduced by Hulco trailers in 2021. The Carax is everything you need if you want to transport large vehicles. Suitable for both SUVs to vans. It even takes into account a driving plate rail on both the front and rear of the Trailer. This also allows driving over the trailer and loading the towing vehicle without disconnecting the Carax Trailer. Fitted with 250-cm steel ramps and a bend in the last part of the chassis, the drive-up angle is minimal. This Trailer is available in 3000 kg or 3500 kg gross loading capacity and in Tandem or tridem axles. Thanks to the use of aluminium materials, these trailers are lightweight but very strong.

      Thoughtful design for intensive use

      Hulco has specifically designed the Carax for this purpose. The basis is the chassis which consists of strong box sections with cross bracing. This provides optimum support for the loading floor. The finish and cut-outs for the Lights are well thought-out and extremely practical to use. The Carax multitransporter is 100% wood-free and is therefore extremely durable.

      With additional accessories such as an adjustable winch, wheel stoppers and Prop stands, you can fine-tune the Hulco Carax to your own liking.

      Low drive-up angle of the CARAX


      The loading floor of the CARAX slopes gradually at the rear which reduces the drive-up angle and is therefore also suitable for sporty lowered cars. The loading floor is made of aluminium and has a ramp rail at both the front and rear. This makes it possible to drive through at the front if desired. Optionally, the trailer can also be fitted with prop stands, making it possible to load the Hulco trailers without a tractor. .

      ramps carax

      In the Hulco CARAX, the Ramps are stored in a cassette at the rear of the Trailer. The compartment is easy to open and lock with a locking pin on a spring. The ramps are 250cm long which further reduces the ramp angle. The profile on the ramps ensures maximum grip when driving up and down.

      Lights on the HULCO CARAX


      Lights Carax

      The Hulco CARAX features Aspöck lights and LED contour lights on the sides. Yellow contour lighting all around and width lighting at the rear. This makes it extra easy to manoeuvre backwards. Rear lamps disappear into the rear beam, forming a flat rear with sleek design. Additional Number plate lights are fitted as standard for good visibility.

      Chassis and Jockey wheels HULCO CARAX

      drawbar carax

      The drawbar is made of a strong tubular profile and features the well-known renowned ALKO braking system. An automatic folding nose wheel is fitted as standard but can also be fitted with a folding nose wheel. This also makes driving through at the front of the Trailer possible.

      Extra options for the HULCO CARAX

      adjustable winch

      hulco carax prop stands

      There are several additional options available to fine-tune the Hulco CARAX to your liking. For instance, you can choose an adjustable winch. This is adjustable to different positions, making it possible to winch all types of cars. The expansion supports limit springing in when driving up and also make it possible to load the CARAX even when disconnected.

      The ideal HULCO CARAX for you

      Compose the Hulco CARAX yourself with all the options and load capacities that best suit your own situation. We will gladly help you with advice and making the right choice. Drop by to admire the Hulco CARAX in real life in Heerenveen. Busy or already convinced about your choice? Then simply order the CARAX online in the webshop. Check our current stock of Hulco trailers.

      For the professional who demands!

      Hulco Medax platform trolley

      medax plateau trailer

      Built as an extremely solid platform trailer, the Hulco Medax can also be optionally equipped with Ramps. This makes the Hulco Medax unique as these storage tubes can also be retrofitted. The Hulco Medax is the platform trailer with extra many crossbars that optimally support the loading floor. An extra thick floor plate completes the solid look. The side marker lights are neatly concealed in the box sections, preventing them from being damaged during loading or unloading. Long rope hooks on the outside and disappearing tie hooks on the inside provide optimal options for securing the load.

      Hulco Medax 3

      Medax 3 axle trailer

      A triple axle Hulco Medax 3 has no less than 3 Axles of 1500kg each. This means a technical carrying capacity of 4500kg. Please note, due to legislation and inspection, the maximum gross payload is capped at 3500kg as is also shown on the license plate. But beyond dispute are the great specifications this Trailer has. Really made for the professional who transports heavy materials. The three Axles ensure extra stability and better distribution of the load capacity.

      Hulco Medax 2

      medax tandem-axle

      The Medax tandem axle platform trailer is the best-selling Hulco Medax trailer. It is the type of trailer that has gained the most market share in recent years. The extremely robust chassis is made for intensive use by the professional who has to work with it every day. The optimally accessible loading floor is also easy to load with a forklift truck. This is even possible on 3 sides.

      Hulco Medax accessories

      You can fine-tune the Medax Hulco trailers to your liking. For example, you can complement the Trailer with

      • Riding plates
      • Spare wheel with support
      • Winch on support
      • Contour lighting

      medax accessories

      Do you want to know which Hulco Medax best suits your requirements? Check our offer.

      You can choose from

      • P Prop stands
      • Winch
      • Shock absorbers
      • Spare wheel including holder
      • Marker lights
      • Hove
      • Front rack
      • Ramps

      As you can see, there are many options for fully customising Hulco Trailers.

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