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      BPW brake shoe sets & Accessories

      BPW Brake shoe sets & Accessories - available directly from stock at competitive prices Show more



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      170x40 - S 1704-7 RASK
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      200x35 - S 2035-7 RASK
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      200x50 - S 2005-7 RASK
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      250x40 - 2504-7 RASK
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      230x40 - S2304-2 SK - type BPW
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      Buy BPW Brake Shoes Trailer

      BPW brake linings, also better known as BPW Brake Shoes Trailer, are pressed against the inside of the Brake drums during braking, slowing down the wheel. The BPW brake linings are held in the correct position by the springs. First are the tension springs, which sit horizontally between the BPW Brake Shoes Trailer. These ensure that the BPW Brake shoes return to neutral position after you brake. Then you have a locking spring that sits vertically through the wheel, this ensures that the BPW brake lining remains fixed against the anchor plate. A complete BPW Brake shoes set contains all the wear and tear brake parts of a wheel brake. We have a nice range of different BPW Brake Shoes Trailer. Do you have a question or are you not quite sure which BPW brake shoes are suitable? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to help you find the right BPW Brake Shoes Trailer set.

      BPW has been taken over by AL-KO. Therefore, BPW parts now carry the AL-KO logo.

      What sizes BPW Brake Shoes Trailer should I choose?

      We recommend that you always replace a set of brake shoes for an identical one, a set with the same brand and type number. If you can no longer read the type plate on the set, we advise you to check what type of Axle it is fitted with. Based on the type of Axle, you can determine what kind of brake shoes set you need. In addition, it is also wise to pay close attention to which holes and notches you currently use with your current brake lining. Then you can make sure that these also match the holes and notches of the new product. Before ordering a set, always check brake drum diameter and brake drum depth:

      A: brake drum depth

      B: inner diameter Brake drum

      BPW Remtrommel tbv S2005-7 200x50 inclusief compactlager 34/64/37 5x112 met lager diepte van 18 mm

      What types of BPW Trailer brake shoes are there?

      S 1704-7 RASK (170x40) BPW Trailer brake shoes

      You need this set if your BPW brake drum has a diameter of 170 mm and a depth of 40 mm

      S 2035 (200x35) BPW Brake Shoes Trailer

      This is the brake shoe set from BPW which is suitable for brake drums with a diameter of 200 mm and a depth of 35 mm.

      2504-7 RASK (250x40) BPW brake shoes trailer

      The 2504-7RASK is a brake shoe set the is suitable for BPW Brake drums with a diameter of 250 mm and a depth of 40 mm. BPW number: 09.801.03.80.0

      2005-7RASK (200x50) BPW Brake Shoes Trailer

      The 2005-7RASK is suitable for Brake drums with a diameter of 200 mm and a depth of 50 mm. BPW number: 09.801.03.79.0

      BPW Brake shoes Trailer hub nut replacement

      If you are replacing all the brake work on your Trailer, it is also nice to replace the hub nuts. The current hub nuts consist of steel bearing nuts, which are actually intended for single use. If you are going to use this hub nut as you know it, it will no longer lock properly, so it may come loose due to vibrations. Therefore, a new bearing nut is necessary. A new bearing nut will probably tighten a bit more sluggishly, because of the locking force the nut has to exert.

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