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      ALKO Brake shoes

      AL-KO Brake shoes for AL-KO Axles. Check the size of the drum and determine which brake shoes you need. Available directly from stock. Show more



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      160x35 - 1635/36/36G/37
      In stock
      160x35 - 1635/36/36G/37 - complete insert
      In stock
      200x35 - 2035 - type AL-KO
      In stock
      200x50 - 2050-2051

      200x50 - 2050-2051

      Original AL-KO brake lining
      In stock
      230x60 - 2360/2361

      230x60 - 2360/2361

      Original AL-KO brake lining
      In stock
      ALKO 2051 - 200x50 AAA premium brake shoe set
      In stock
      200x50 -2051 - AAA premium
      In stock

      Buy ALKO trailer brake shoes

      We have all the necessary ALKO trailer brake shoes in stock and easy to order online. Do you order the ALKO Brake Shoes Trailer on a working day? Then you will have them delivered the next day. Brake shoes with sufficient lining are necessary for the drum brakes to work properly. Check this periodically by removing the alko brake drum and checking the brake lining. TrailerDirect has all ALKO brake shoes in stock. Of course, you can also choose to have us fit the ALKO trailer brake shoes. We have a BOVAG-certified workshop and also provide maintenance for all trailers with an ALKO chassis.

      Which ALKO brake shoes trailer set do I need?

      The ALKO trailer brake shoes are obviously needed when you also have an ALKO Axle. You can recognise this by the type plate on the Axle. Normally there is also a type designation on the inside of the drum. If you know it is an Alko Axle, you can also measure the drum to find out which brake shoes you need. Before ordering a set, always check the diameter of the brake drum and the depth of the brake drum.

      A: brake drum depth

      B: inner diameter Brake drum

      BPW Remtrommel tbv S2005-7 200x50 inclusief compactlager 34/64/37 5x112 met lager diepte van 18 mm

      What types of Alko Trailer brake shoes are there?

      • 16-1637 ALKO Trailer brake shoes ( 160x35mm)

      The set you need for a Brake drum with a diameter of 16 cm and a depth of 35mm. AL-KO number: 251635

      • 2035 ALKO Trailer brake shoes ( 200x35mm)

      Brake shoe set for a brake drum with a diameter of 20 cm and a depth of 35 mm. Type: 2035/1220328

      • 2050-2051 ALKO Brake shoes trailer ( 200x50mm)

      The most commonly used brake shoes for all drums with a diameter of 20 cm and a depth of 5 cm. We sell these in an original set and also in an alternative more economical set. AL-KO number: 1213889/252050

      • 2360/2361 ALKO Brake shoes Trailer ( 230x60mm)

      Brake shoes for the heavy trailers tm 3500kg. It is suitable for a drum with a diameter of 23 cm and a depth of 6 cm. We have the original AL-KO setfor this or a more economical alternative.

      Adjusting ALKO brake shoes for trailers

      Trailer ALKO brake shoes always need to be adjusted periodically. You can do this with the adjusting screw on the back of the brake drum. There are also alko brake shoes that are adjusted automatically. This ensures that you no longer have to do this manually and the ALKO Brake Shoes Trailer are always adjusted after wear and tear. This always ensures a shorter braking distance and optimum adjustment. You can use this in the existing brake drums from ALKO type 2051 and 2361 from 1999. Manufacturers are also experimenting a lot with brake discs. This hydraulic braking system is similar to modern cars and also very effective. For cost reasons, manufacturers make little or no use of it. ALKO Brake drums with ALKO Trailer brake shoes are still preferred to the more expensive disc alternative.

      ALKO Brake Shoes Trailer stands for quality and safety worldwide.

      For this reason, leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles, commercial vehicles and trailers trust our products. Our end customers also trust the high level of quality and safety of AL-KO products. Therefore, the use of original replacement parts is an important aspect for optimal safety of your customers' vehicles. As we know, imitation parts from different manufacturers are constantly coming onto the market. However, the result of our latest inspection and research shows clear quality differences: the imitation parts are more susceptible to corrosion, which compromises your customers' safety on the road. After 24 hours in the salt spray chamber (Votsch VSC 450), strong traces of rust were present in test sample 1 and partial rust formation in test sample 2. The AL-KO series 2051 brake shoes passed the test without any visible traces of rust.

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