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      Shock absorbers for trailers and caravans

      Shock absorbers and Mounting materials for trailers - various brands and variants - AL-KO and Knott - shock absorbers replacement - shock absorbers are necessary for a tempo 100 exemption Show more



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      Shock absorber 900kg

      Shock absorber 900kg

      Extra stability when driving
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      Shock absorber KNOTT (No. 990020)
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      Shock absorber KNOTT (No. 990001)
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      Knott shock absorber support - screwable
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      Buy shock absorbers for the Trailer or caravan

      Would you like better braking and driving stability? Or are your current trailer shock absorbers due for replacement? Trailerdirect has a wide range of different Shock absorbers trailer. Shock absorbers are also known as shock absorbers or wheel shock absorbers and are ideal for improving your driving comfort with the trailer or caravan. We sell shock absorbers from well-known A-brands such as AL-KO and Knott, along with the necessary mounting materials. Not sure which Shock Absorbers are suitable for your trailer or caravan? Or do you have questions about our range of trailer shock absorbers? Feel free to contact our customer service now. We will be happy to help you choose the right Shock Absorbers. So buying the right shock absorber is easy.

      Shock absorbers are necessary for a tempo 100 exemption

      The advantages of shock absorbers

      Fitting your Trailer with shock absorbers immediately brings many benefits. A shock absorber for a Trailer or caravan will make sure you drive a lot more pleasantly on the road. This is because Shock Absorbers for Trailers ensure optimal road holding, but also good damping and improved stability when braking. Fortunately, fitting shock absorbers is also not very exciting. By means of rubber sprung hinged mounting lugs, you can easily mount the shock absorbers at an angle of 5 °, tension-free.

      Which shock absorbers do you need?

      Your choice of the right Shock absorber Trailer depends mainly on its weight and length. All trailer wheel shock absorbers are suitable for a certain weight class. ALKO, for example, has given the weight classes their own colour. For example, a blue ALKO shock absorber is suitable for single axle trailers up to 1350 kg and for tandem axle trailers up to 2700 kg. With the right choice, your Trailer will drive a lot more pleasantly.

      When should you replace your shock absorbers?

      It is wise to replace your current shock absorbers from time to time. How often you should do this depends, for example, on the type of roads you drive with your trailer or caravan. If, for example, you often have to drive through rough terrain strewn with holes and bumps, your shock absorbers will wear out quickly. Shock absorbers have a lot to endure, but how can you find out when trailer shock absorbers need replacing? Several problems can occur that indicate your shock absorbers need replacing. Wear and tear can depend on your driving style, but tyre wear can even accelerate wear on the Shock absorbers. Some more examples of signs of shock absorber wear:

      • Trailer seems to dive to the ground during braking
      • Trailer seems to sink backwards during acceleration

      Buy ALKO shock absorbers

      ALKO is known for the high quality production and workmanship of all its products. This is also the case with the production of ALKO shock absorbers. A good example of this are the bolts attached in the eye of the Shock absorber Trailer. In addition, ALKO uses only quality seals and the valve is made of chrome-plated sintered metal and the roughness of the piston rod is 0.1 Ra. A good dust seal prevents dirt from entering the inner and outer pipe. In short, when you choose an ALKO Shock absorber Trailer, you choose real quality. In short, buying a shock absorber at Aanhangwagendirect is easy and guarantees quality.

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