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      Overrun brake dampers and Draw tubes from Peitz, AL-KO, Knott and BPW

      Wide range of Overrun brake dampers and Draw tubes of various brands such as Knott, Peitz, AL-KO and BPW - wide range available directly from stock Show more



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      Overrun brake damper 90S/S1/S2/S3
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      Overrun brake damper 120S/SV/SR
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      Draw tubes 251S (from 1992)
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      AL-KO Overrun brake damper 351VB
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      Overrun brake damper 150-v 690389
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      Draw tubes 90S
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      Buy overrun damper and Draw tubes from Peitz, AL-KO, Knott and BPW

      An overrun brake damper (overrun damper) is a very important part of your trailer's braking system. The Overrun brake damper is crucial for braking your Trailer at the right moment. If your current Overrun brake damper needs to be replaced, make sure it is the same brand. The brand is often mentioned on the type plate of your old Overrun brake damper. Do you have any questions or about our range of Overrun brake dampers and Draw tubes? Or are you not sure which overrun brake damper to choose? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to advise you on selecting the right overrun brake damper.

      Choosing the right overrun brake damper

      Use the following data to choose the overrun brake damper:

      • The type plate of the overrun brake device often shows the brand, type and version
      • The brand can be, for example, from AL-KO, Knott or WAP
      • The type is often indicated in German, e.g. as 'Typ', version as 'Ausf.' Or 'Ausführung
      • Examples of types are AL-KO 251S or BPW ZAF2.0 or WAP 15.1 etc.
      • The version of the Overrun brake damper is often indicated in the form of a letter, for example with the letter 'C' or a number '.1' or '-2' and is often attached to the type

      Choosing an overrun brake damper if no type plate is available

      This is how to determine which overrun brake damper to choose:

      • First, check the brand of the Axle. You will often find the brand on the type plate of the Axle. Does it say AL-KO, for example? Then you should choose an AL-KO overrun brake damper.
      • Then measure the total length of the Overrun brake damper (hard to centre mounting holes)
      • Then measure the length of the cylinder housing from the centre of the connection (fixing hole) to the end of the cylinder housing
      • Determine the connection of the cylinder housing, for example, take a bushing with an inner diameter eye = M12 and has a length of 20 mm. There may also be a rubber in the bushing (e.g. a 28 mm M12 rubber eye)
      • Finally, you need to determine the connection of the piston rod. For example, with a threaded rod M10

      How do I replace an Overrun brake damper?

      When you want to replace your Overrun brake damper, it depends on the brand and type. Replacing an AL-KO Overrun brake damper, for example, is quite easy. Here, the damper is often attached at the rear coupling bolt and at the very end of the overrun brake. With an Overrun brake damper from Peitz, it's a different story. This is because because the damper sits with a dowel pin inside the drawbar. If you want to replace it, you first have to dismantle the coupling and then the Draw tubes. Then you can knock out this dowel pin and replace the damper. It is very important to replace an Overrun brake damper with one of exactly the same brand and type. This is because it is part of the entire braking system that is tuned to each other. You can often read the brand and type on the top of the Overrun brake damper.

      Why is my Trailer throbbing?

      If your Trailer is 'knocking', there are often two reasons for this. One is that the braking system is not properly adjusted. Another cause could be that you have a defective Overrun brake damper in your overrun brake. A damper contains an oil-filled cylinder that dampens the input movement of the overrun brake and causes the Draw tubes to automatically slide out when you are done braking. For example, if you hear a bang behind your car while braking, the damper may be faulty. This is obviously not pleasant and causes the brake system to malfunction. Therefore, replace the damper in time as well to avoid nasty accidents.

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