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      Knott overrun trailer brake

      Here you will find our range of Knott overrun brakes. The towing capacity of a Knott overrun brake is between 1400 kg and 3500 kg. Economical online ordering and fast delivery. Show more




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      Buy KNOTT Delta couplings

      We have a wide range of Knott overrun brakes. We have the following types: KF, KFL, KFG, KRV and KFGL. As a Knott dealer, we are able to buy in bulk and deliver Knott overrun brakes directly from stock at competitive prices from the Netherlands. Knott parts are widely used in the final assembly of trailers, boat trailers, caravans and other vehicles because they manufacture high-quality parts.

      Type KNOTT overrun brakes

      Aanhangwagendirect.nl supplies various Knott overrun brakes. For example, we have the types: KF, KFL, KFG & KFGL. Most commonly used, these are overrun brakes with triangular plates. The KHA & KHD are adjustable in height. Finally, there are the Knott KRV types, which are suitable for round or square drawbars.

      Which Knott overrun brake do I need for my Trailer?knott oplooprem oploopremmen typeplaatje vervangen welke hoe versie serie uitvoering oud nieuw

      Your trailer's overrun brake should have an identification plate, as shown in the picture to the right. The brand is at the top of the rating plate, in this case Knott. Below that is the type number, which is KF20. Sometimes types have several versions, like the overrun brake shown here. This is version A. The towing capacity of this overrun brake is 2000 kg, which can be found at the bottom right of the type plate. Please note that this is the total towing capacity (including load).

      If, after reading the above information, you still do not know which overrun brake you need, take

      Replacing Knott overrun brake parts

      Of course, it is not always necessary to replace the entire overrun brake, sometimes maintenance and/or replacing parts is sufficient. Fortunately, you will also find Knott overrun brake parts/Knott overrun brake parts and Knott accessories. We have covers/covers for overrun brakes, Mounting materials, nose wheel brackets, separate handles/handles, mounting materials and separate Knott overrun brake dampers.

      Knott overrun brake adjustment

      When you replace a Delta coupling you always have to adjust the trailer brakes. You can adjust a Knott overrun brake yourself, but we can also do it for you.

      Technical drawing of a KNOTT overrun brake

      To be sure that the overrun brake you want to order will fit, we always advise you to check the technical drawing. In most cases you will find technical drawings of Knott overrun brakes in the product description.

      How does an overrun brake work on a Trailer?

      An overrun brake causes trailers to brake when they overtake the towing vehicle. This happens when the towing vehicle descends and/or brakes. The moment the trailer runs in on the towing vehicle, force is applied to the overrun brake.

      The first pressure is absorbed by the Overrun brake damper, which ensures that your trailer brakes evenly. Next, the draw tube is pushed backwards by the braking effect, by means of a transfer lever this pushing force is converted into a pulling force, which attracts the brake cables via the brake rod/brake assembly. Finally, the brake cables transfer the tractive force to the wheel brakes.

      Knott overrun brakes are also equipped with handbrakes, which are used to park trailers and to brake the trailer when it slips away from the towing vehicle. Trailers with overrun brakes should have Breakaway cables fitted. The moment the trailer detaches from the towing vehicle, the breakaway cable pulls on the handbrake, bringing the trailer to a stop, then the cable breaks.

      How do I replace a Knott overrun brake on my Trailer?

      In the video below you can see how an overrun brake should be fitted. Keep in mind that not all overrun brakes have the same connection dimensions (sometimes several variants of the same model have been issued over the years).

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