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      BPW overrun brakes

      BPW overrun brake - available directly from stock at competitive prices - BPW overrun brake trailer replacement - overrun brake for trailers and caravans Show more




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      Overrun brake ZAF 3.5-3 - incl. nose wheel console
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      BPW overrun brake

      All trailers heavier than 750 kg are equipped with an overrun brake. The BPW overrun brake ensures safe travel with a heavily loaded Trailer. Because we buy in bulk, we can deliver directly from stock at competitive prices. The BPW overrun brake is widely used in trailer dismounting and is one of the most reliable brands. In 2018, AL-KO acquired its competitor BPW. As a result, the BPW overrun brake is increasingly being given both a BPW and an AL-KO number. If you are not sure what you need, we ask you to contact us so that we can help you further.

      Which BPW overrun brake do I need?

      bpw oplooprem typeplaatje voorbeeld

      We often get questions about the BPW overrun brake. Customers often do not know what they need when it comes to replacing the BPW overrun brake. Actually, you can read everything quite simply. If all goes well, your trailer's overrun brake will have a type plate or punched data, as shown in the picture opposite. The brand is at the top left of the nameplate, in this case BPW. Below that is the type number which is ZAF1.5-2 on the right. Sometimes types have several versions, which is not the case with this overrun brake (see 'Ausf.' next to the type number). The towing capacity of this BPW overrun brake is 1500 kg, which can be found at the bottom of the type plate. Please note that this is the total towing capacity (including load). So to put it in a nutshell:

      1. The brand of the overrun brake
      2. The type number and any version
      3. The towing capacity of the BPW overrun brake

      How does a BPW overrun brake work?

      A BPW overrun brake causes the Trailer to brake when it runs into the towing vehicle. This happens when the trailer brakes. The initial pressure is absorbed by the Overrun brake damper. The Overrun brake damper causes the trailer to brake evenly. Following this, the Draw tubes are pushed backwards by the braking action. With a transfer lever, the pushing force is converted into a pulling force and this attracts the brake cables via the brake rod/brake assembly. The brake cables then transfer the pulling force to the wheel brakes.

      BPW overrun brake replacement instruction video

      The video below shows how to fit an overrun brake. Please note that not all overrun brakes have the same connection dimensions. Sometimes it is possible to repair an overrun brake. This is possible, for example, if only the coupling or the damper is broken. When a damper is broken, you can press it with your hands. With a good damper, this is not possible. Even an overrun brake damper is easy to replace yourself, as you can see in this video. Is the overrun brake bent? Then we always recommend buying a new overrun brake. Can't find out exactly which overrun brake you need? Is it not properly indicated, for example, or is the type plate not legible? Feel free to contact us! Together we will find the right BPW overrun brake.

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