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      Coupling bellows from AL-KO, Knott, BPW and Peitz/Schlegl

      Want to buy a coupling bellows for your trailer? The coupling bellow is an essential part of your overrun brake, protecting it from dirt, moisture and other weather conditions. We have a wide range of coupling bellows of different brands and sizes. Show more



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      AL-KO coupling bellows
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      Coupling bellows 60/45mm

      Coupling bellows 60/45mm

      For Grümer AK 0908-2008, ZAF1,0-1 and ZAV 1,6-2,...
      In stock

      Buy Trailer coupling bellows

      A coupling bellow is an essential part of your trailer, boat trailer or caravan. It has several functions, such as keeping the overrun brake free from moisture and dust, but also prevents dirt from getting in. The coupling bellow is also often called a rubber cuff. This Trailer parts ensures that the Draw tubes stay lubricated, keeping grease on the moving parts. If you see that there is a tear(s) in your coupling bellows, you should replace it in time. We have a wide range of coupling bellows in different sizes and brands from brands including:

      • AL-KO dust cover coupling bellows
      • AWD coupling bellows
      • BPW coupling bellows
      • Knott coupling bellows
      • Peitz dust covers
      • WAP dust covers
      • Winterhoff coupling bellows

      Do you have questions about our range of coupling bellows? Or are you not entirely sure which coupling bellows will fit your overrun brake? Then please feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you choose the right coupling bellows.

      Why replace a coupling bellow?

      A trailer dust cover has to endure quite a lot. It is exposed to all kinds of weather influences. Think of heat, humidity, but dirt can also seriously damage the coupling bellow, causing it to wear out quickly. When you brake with your Trailer, the tube or slide rod slides in because the Trailer pushes on. The brakes start working because the overrun brake slides. The slide rod is made of steel that is often greased. The coupling bellows protects the slide rod of the overrun brake from all the above influences. This is why it is so important to replace it in time.

      Which coupling bellows should I buy?

      Almost all coupling bellows look the same, but of course you cannot fit just any coupling bellows to your overrun brake. That is why you should always first check which brand of dust cover you need. The brand can often be found on the type plate of the overrun brake. In addition, the diameters/sizes are important. The first diameter should be measured at the side of the coupling. Then you should measure the rear diameter. Also take into account a recess for the bolt holes.

      Changing coupling bellows for trailers

      If you are handy, you can of course choose to replace the coupling bellows yourself. But what exactly should you pay attention to when replacing a coupling bellows? A light overrun brake, for example, has a small overrun tube. So smaller diameters are used for this. The dimensions are often indicated on the type plate of the overrun brake. Don't you see any sizes? Then you can measure them yourself. You can do this by measuring the diameter on the coupling side and the diameter on the overrun brake side. Also note any recesses in the coupling mounting bolts. You do disassembly using a socket spanner 19. First remove the bolts/nuts from the coupling. Once this is loose, you can easily remove the coupling bellows. Now you can fit the new dust cover. You can also tie the coupling bellows with a tiewrap. Then put the coupling back and reassemble the bolts/nuts with a spanner or ratchet 19. Not quite there yet? At the bottom of the coupling bellows product pages you will find a handy video explaining how to fit a new coupling bellows on your overrun brake.

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