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      Breakaway cables and Trailer safety cables

      Breakaway cables for trailers and Trailer safety cables for caravans - AL-KO, AWD, BPW and Knott - wide range available ex stock - cheapest in Europe Show more



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      A Breakaway cable trailer is a part that often wears out anyway and is very important. A breakaway cable for trailers is actually an extra safety device between a braked trailer or caravan and the car's tow bar. Breakaway cables for braked trailers ensure that the handbrake is applied when the trailer unintentionally becomes loose while driving. Are you looking for an AL-KO brand breakaway cable for overrun brakes? Then also choose an AL-KO Breakaway cable. The same applies for Knott. Breakaway cables from other brands are also available from stock. Looking for a Trailer safety cable? Trailer safety cables are very handy for unbraked trailers. The spring prevents your Trailer from breaking loose from the car. Just like a Breakaway cable, it is a piece of extra safety.

      Our range of Breakaway cables for the following trailer brands:

      • AL-KO
      • AWD
      • BPW
      • Knott

      Operation of Breakaway cables for braked and unbraked trailers

      Currently, MOT inspection for unbraked trailers is not mandatory, but otherwise a breakaway cable would be an important checkpoint. We recommend always replacing the Breakaway cable Trailer during maintenance. It regularly happens that it has scraped over the ground, damaging the sheath of the cable. The operation of a Breakaway cable trailer is quite precise and has therefore been well tested by manufacturers such as AL-KO, BPW and Knott. If the coupling or tow bar is worn out, it can sometimes happen that the Trailer comes loose from the towing vehicle. To prevent this doom scenario, you can equip the trailer with a breakaway cable. A trailer breakaway cable pulls the handbrake from the trailer's braking direction, bringing it to a standstill independently. The Breakaway cable then breaks right off at the lock due to the force applied to it. It therefore takes a high force to apply the handbrake, but it must then break off so that it does not remain attached to the towing vehicle.

      -Operation Breakaway cable trailer unbraked: ensures that the trailer remains connected to the vehicle if it becomes detached from the tow bar.

      - OperationBreakaway cable trailer braked: the Breakaway cable trailer is connected to the braking system via the vehicle. If the trailer becomes detached while driving, the breakaway cable applies the trailer brake. This allows it to brake independently. The cable will then break off.

      As the setting differs per brand, it is advisable to always choose the Breakaway cable from the same brand as the Trailer.

      Attach Trailer safety cable

      If your unbraked trailer contains a Trailer safety cable, it is not only advisable but also mandatory to use it. A braked trailer contains a Breakaway cable, unbraked trailers contain a Trailer safety cable. Prevent your Trailer from suddenly breaking loose from the coupling by using a Trailer safety cable. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and installing a Trailer safety cable is certainly not difficult. A Trailer safety cable consists of a trailer part and a car part attached to the tow bar. This steel cable ensures that the unbraked Trailer remains attached to the car when breaking loose.

      Would you like to know more about trailer breakaway cables, caravan breakaway cables and overrun brake breakaway cables?

      Would you like more information about a trailer breakaway cable, caravan breakaway cable or overrun brake breakaway cable? Or are you not sure which breakaway cable is suitable for your trailer? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you with advice without any obligation. You can easily reach us by e-mail (reply within 2 hours), Whatsapp, chat or simply by calling. We are also the right place for BOVAG maintenance!

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