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      Knott brake cables

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      Buy Knott brake cables

      Knott has been a major specialist in manufacturing brake applications for more than 70 years. In particular, Knott develops brake components for the construction sector, industry, forestry and horticulture and even for military vehicles. In short, Knott is a major player in the Axles and brakes market. To avoid high costs, it is important to regularly check your brake cables. When signs of wear and rust appear on your Knott brake cables, you would do well to replace them in time. All Knott brake cables are available from stock. Available with M8 thread, with mushroom connection, with eye connection and in stainless steel, especially suitable for boat trailers. For example, are you looking for a Knott brake cable suitable for older brake systems? Then a brake cable 800/1100 + brake cable eye -M8 thread is a nice option. It is also universally applicable and can be used for Peitz, BPW and AL-KO. We also sell brake cable connectors.

      The length of your trailer also determines the length of your brake cable.

      What should you pay attention to when replacing a Knott brake cable?

      Fortunately, replacing brake cables is fairly easy with most brands. Often, you don't even need to remove the brake drum. If you want to replace your current Knott brake cable or brake cables, it is important to look at the brand. Each brand of brake cables has its own dimensions. When you know the brand you can look at the required length and connection of your Knott brake cable. The most important sizes are described with each Knott brake cable. The length of your trailer also determines the length of your Knott brake cable. Besides checking a Knott brake cable, it is also important to check the brake cable from the drawbar to the brake drums for any breaks.

      No type no. on your brake cable? Take the following steps to choose the right cable:

      • Check the make of the Axle under the Trailer.
      • Determine the length of the brake cable (female thread and sheath)
      • Check the thread type and the fastening eye on the other side
      • Choose the right brake cable in our webshop and order easily online

      What happens if a Knott brake cable is not properly adjusted?

      If brake cables or other brand brake parts are not properly adjusted, you run the risk of putting a lot of pressure on the towing vehicle. This also logically causes the braking distance to increase a lot. Poorly adjusted brakes can also cause the brake components to heat up and therefore break down. This is also very dangerous when you go on holiday in mountainous areas, for example. Want to make sure your Trailer brake parts are functioning properly and are adjusted correctly? Then you can always request a BOVAG inspection.

      Want to know more about Knott brake cables?

      Do you have questions about a Knott brake cable? Or do you need help finding the right Knott brake cable? Then feel free to contact us. We will gladly provide you with advice without obligation. Have you found the right Knott brake cable, but prefer to leave the assembly to us? Then you can also come to us! You can easily schedule an appointment online and visit us on location to replace your Knott brake cable.

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