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      Brake cables from Knott, AL-KO, BPW and WAP

      Replacing trailer brake cables. Choose the right brake cable brand and size in the overview below. Show more



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      Trailer brake cables replacement

      Brake cables consist of a cable with mounting options and a protective sheath. The length of the Trailer also determines the length of the brake cables you need. As the overrun brake is depressed by a brake action, the brake cables are attracted, which in turn press the brake shoes against the drum. It is important to know what brand of brake cables you need. Check the brand of the brake cable to be replaced, as the dimensions differ from brand to brand. There is always a type number and a brand on the brake cable. It is also important to look at the length of the brake cables and the length of the connections. The brake cables are part of the brake diagram that also includes the Axles and overrun brake.

      All types of brake cables for the trailer

      Besides simply checking the breakaway cable, it is also important to check the brake cable from the drawbar to the brake drums for breaks. When these need to be replaced, it is important to check the length of the brake cable in addition to the brand. This is easy to measure yourself. See the drawing below how the measurements should be taken.

      So you can see that dimension A is simply the size of the sheath of the brake cable. Dimension B is the total length.

      remkabel aanhanger

      We sell brake cables of different brands directly from stock. These are brake cables from the brands KNOTT, Al-Ko, Peitz/Wap and BPW. Wear of brake cables can often be seen by damage to the sheath, but a cable break is also possible. The video below shows how to replace brake cables.

      We offer brake cables from the following brands:

      Trailer brake cables of different brands.

      Knott brake cables are available in version with M8 thread, with mushroom connection, with eye connection and in stainless steel, especially suitable for boat trailers. Also brake cable connections. AL-KO Trailer brake cables come with M8 thread and mushroom quick-mount connection.All availablefrom stock! All Peitz/Wap brake cables are of course directly available from stock. More information on trailer brake cables can be found here! BPW brake cables with 26 mm bushing and M8 thread. BPW brake cables are often used on Hapert trailers, for example.

      As an indication, we give the following advice for BPW dimensions:

      Axles path size

      Length of cables











      Replace your brake cables in time to avoid damage!

      To avoid high costs due to damage, it is always a good idea to keep checking your brake cables. If any forms of wear or rust are visible. We recommend replacing the brake cables soon to prevent damage to the Trailer's wheel brake as well. Replacing brake cables is quite simple with most brands. There is usually no need to remove the brake drum to do this. Besides brake cables, we also offer brake accessories. A brake fitting is used to connect the brake rod (excl. from the overrun brake) and the brake cables. Suppose the brake drum does need to be removed. Then you can always contact customer service. We will be happy to help!

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