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      Trailer parts for trailer and caravan

      Wide range of brake parts. Brake shoes, brake cables and also delta couplings for trailers and caravans. Every trailer needs maintenance. Conveniently sorted by product group, you will always find the part you need. Show more



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      200x50 - 20-2425/1 - extended set
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      200x50 - 20-2425/1 - Knott type
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      Knott Brake drums - 200x50 - 5x112 - 20-2425/1
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      ALKO 2051 - 200x50 AAA premium brake shoe set
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      200x50 - 2050-2051

      200x50 - 2050-2051

      Original AL-KO brake lining
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      AL-KO Handbrake SR200
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      200x50 - 4x100 - 2051
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      200x50 - 5x112 - compact bearing 34x64x37 mm
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      200x50 - 20-2425/1

      200x50 - 20-2425/1

      Original Knott brake lining
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      Buy Trailer brake parts

      All rolling and rotating trailer brake parts are subject to wear and tear. So is the Trailer chassis. The drum brakes contain brake shoes, which in turn are tightened by brake cables when the overrun brake is pressed. This system works fine but is of course subject to wear through use and must then be replaced. The brake components of a professional trailer are indispensable for safe operation. It is precisely because of these brakes that the trailer can be heavily loaded without pressing on the towing vehicle. The brakes are a collective name for both the overrun brake, Brake drums and associated brake lining. There is no MOT on trailers but that does not alter the fact that owners have a responsibility to maintain the brake parts and Trailer properly. For instance, the brake components should be adjusted annually to ensure proper functioning. When Trailer brake components fail to function, all the pressure comes to bear on the vehicle and dangerous situations arise. When an accident occurs with a trailer, often malfunctioning trailer brake parts are the cause. So always make sure your trailer brake parts are safely functioning properly.

      All rolling and rotating brake parts are susceptible to wear and tear!

      When do trailer brake parts need replacing?

      You can tell by the weight of the Trailer pressing against the car that the brake parts are not functioning properly. You may also notice it by the Trailer pulling to one side which may mean that the Brake shoes on that side are no longer functioning properly. You can choose to do the maintenance yourself or outsource it to a specialist. You are, however, obliged to hit the road with sound equipment. In the event of an accident, this is always checked too, and the consequences are very unpleasant if it turns out to have been caused by a poor condition of the Trailer or caravan.

      Trailer brake parts

      The brake components of a trailer consist of a number of components that together form the Trailer's "brake schedule". This braking diagram is a construction calculation required by the manufacturer for an approval to allow the trailer on the road. This calculation shows what forces take place on the brake components which in turn have a braking effect. This is balanced so that the braking capacity is sufficient for the gross payload permitted.

      Brake components consist of the following components:

      • Overrun brake
      • Brake cables
      • Brake drums
      • Brake shoes
      • Wheels

      This mix of components are the basis of the braked Trailer that the manufacturer's type approval relies on. So you cannot just make changes to this without consequences. Our advice is therefore always to replace brake parts of the same brand and type.

      Overrun brake parts

      The overrun brake with the coupling you use to attach the Trailer to the car has many names. Coupling, head piece, hook, they all come up daily in our customer service. The overrun brake is the combination of coupling, Draw tubes, Overrun brake damper and steel housing with handbrake. You can also replace the damper and draw tube separately, but it is often relatively cheaper to replace the complete overrun brake as this also saves you a lot of time. And isn't it often the case that if you replace one part, another part will give up the ghost a month later? The overrun brake is part of the braking system, so it is important that you choose the same brand and type of overrun brake that originally came with the Trailer. Leading brands for overrun brakes are: Knott, AL-KO and BPW These brands are used by the leading trailer manufacturers in the fitment.

      Function of brake cables, brake drums and other brake parts

      Brake cables consist of a cable with mounting options and a protective sheath. The length of the Trailer also determines the length of brake cables you need. As the overrun brake is depressed by a brake action, the brake cables are attracted, which in turn press the brake shoes against the drum. With Al-Ko brake cables, the type number is often listed on the cable itself, which makes selection easy.

      No type nr on the cable? Then take the following steps to select the right cable:

      • Check the brand of Axle fitted ( brake cable is the same brand);
      • Determine the length of the brake cable (sheath and internal thread);
      • Check the type of threaded end and fixing eye on other side;
      • Select the right brake cable in the shop and easily order online;

      The actual braking of the brake components occurs because the Brake shoes are pressed against the brake drum. This friction creates the braking effect. This system also used to be used in cars and has since become the standard for trailers. On the inside of the Brake drum is an adjusting screw where you can determine the distance of the brake shoes in relation to the brake drum. This is also important to check periodically. Trailer wheels must be able to withstand the trailer's gross payload and have the correct connection of the Rims to the Axle. This is why this is also included in the Trailer's brake schedule.

      What happens if the brake components are not properly adjusted?

      If the brake components are not properly adjusted or, in the worst case, do not work at all, this gives a compressive weight on the towing vehicle. Needless to say, this seriously lengthens the braking distance. Is there a dysfunctional wheel brake on one side? Then this can result in swaying and even overturning. Prolonged pressing of Trailer parts on the car can cause the car's brake parts to overheat and fail. A similar effect to driving down a mountain while continuously applying the brakes. The car is not made for this. With a BOVAG inspection (which we can carry out), you can be sure that the trailer can be driven safely with properly functioning trailer parts. Want to know more about trailer brake parts? Then feel free to contact us.

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