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      Set pipes boat trailers

      Set pipes as supports for boat trailers. Made-to-measure adjustment pipes for bow roller systems for boat trailers. All required directly from stock. Show more



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      Adjusting pipe sleeve boat trailer

      With these adjustment pipes, you can adjust the boat trailer with the bow rollers as desired. These adjustment pipes are often used in combination with U-bolts to adjust bilge rollers or Ribbed rollers to the correct height. In our range you will find different adjustment pipe tube sizes of: 30x30, 40x40, 50x50 and 60x60. All our adjustment tubes are made of galvanised steel. This is processed steel with zinc. This protects it from rusting and is therefore suitable for use on trailers. This is the same as the Trailer chassis. Do you have any questions about our range of adjustment pipe sleeve boat trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We are happy to help you with all your questions about adjustable pipe sleeves.

      Made-to-measure adjustable pipe boat trailer

      Simply select the desired length in the selection box. We will then cut your adjustable pipe sleeve to size. Would you like an adjustable pipe sleeve that is longer than 150 cm? Then please contact our customer service. Please note that cut-to-size adjustable pipe tubes cannot be returned. We can saw the following dimensions to size for you:

      • 20 cm adjustable pipe tube
      • 30 cm flexible pipe tube
      • 40 cm standpipe tube
      • 50 cm standpipe tube
      • 60 cm staanpijp koker
      • 70 cm fixed tube tube
      • 80 cm standpipe quiver
      • 90 cm collar tube
      • 100 cm standpipe quiver
      • 110 cm standpipe quiver
      • 120 cm standpipe quiver
      • 130 cm standpipe quiver
      • 140 cm spindle sleeve
      • 150 cm standpipe tube

      Adjusting pipe tube galvanized

      As mentioned before, our adjustment pipe tubes are galvanized. This means that the steel has been treated and protected by a layer of zinc. This is of course ideal for boat trailers. Galvanised adjustable pipe tubes are resistant to any rusting. What exactly is the difference between galvanised steel and stainless steel? Galvanised steel stanchion tubes are more robust than stainless steel stanchion tubes. However, a galvanised layer is more susceptible to corrosion. Stainless steel is less prone to this and is therefore more suitable for outdoor use. Set-pipe tubes with a galvanized layer are however well protected against corrosion. If the galvanised layer is damaged, however, rust can develop.

      Tube profile

      Besides adjustment pipe tubes for your boat trailer, we also offer tube profiles. Tube profiles are often used in horse trailers and are also known as Breast bars. You can use a tube profile to protect your horse. If you suddenly have to brake, for example, the horse will hit the Breast bar and absorb the blow. Tube profiles can also be easily cut to size by us. These can be cut in the same sizes as the adjustment pipe tubes. Our tube profiles also have a galvanised layer to prevent rust.

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