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      Ribbed rollers

      Want to buy Ribbed rollers for your boat trailer? Ribbed rollers are essential to properly support your boat. We have various Ribbed rollers, bilge roller sets and supports and much more! Show more



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      Ribbed roller system blue 365x118 mm
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      128x75 mm Ribbed roller blue 22 mm hub diameter
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      Ribbed rollers complete

      Are your current bilge rollers due for replacement and are you looking for brand new ones? Ribbed rollers are an essential part of every boat trailer. After all, they provide the right support for your boat. To make sure the ribbed rollers fit the correct axle hole, you can do this by using slide bearings. Ribbed rollers are normally fitted per set. Our Ribbed rollers are made of high-quality polyethene (PE). In our range, you will find Ribbed rollers of various sizes and colours. But also, for example, Ribbed rollers made of rubber and plastic. Do you have any questions about our range of Ribbed rollers? Or are you not quite sure which size Ribbed rollers are suitable for your application? Then feel free to contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you find the right Ribbed rollers.

      Ribbed rollers allow the boat to rest stably on the boat trailer or derrick.

      Ribbed rollers parts

      Ribbed rollers are used to support the weight of the boat. Most Ribbed rollers are made of durable polyvinyl or PE. Keel rollers, as the name suggests, are designed to support and guide the keel. Ribbed rollers boat trailer parts will make your boat roll on and off your boat trailer a lot easier. For aluminium boats, we recommend the standard keel and bilge rollers, as these are a lot more robust. Notice that your boat no longer rolls well on your boat trailer? This is often caused by worn out Keel rollers or Keel rollers. We offer a wide range of Keel rollers in various sizes and colours.

      Rubber Ribbed rollers

      When transporting or storing your boat, good Ribbed rollers are essential. With our range of rubber Ribbed rollers, you will make loading and unloading your boat much easier. Besides rubber Ribbed rollers, you will also find matching shafts, available in various sizes. It is not advisable to run a rubber Ribbed roller without a bushing or tube on an Axle. This can cause high frictional resistance between the Metal Axle and the roller. The roller is then more likely to stall and break down.

      What is the difference between a bilge roller and keel roller?

      Ribbed rollers and keel rollers, what exactly is the difference between these 2 boat trailer parts? The sides (cheeks) of a boat are also known as bilges or bilge. The keel is the middle of the boat and this is also the part that is deepest in the water. Ribbed rollers allow your boat to rest stably on a boat trailer or derrick. Ribbed rollers also prevent damage to your boat during launching. Keel rollers carry the weight of your boat and also ease the loading and unloading of the boat.

      Other boat trailer parts

      Besides ribbed rollers, you will also find other handy boat trailer parts with us. Take, for example, a wireless lighting set with Magnets. This set is ideal for your boat trailer. If you take your boat trailer into the water, there is a good chance your Lights will break down. You can easily prevent this if you can quickly pull your Lights off the boat trailer. For Keel rollers you will also find handy 20 x 206 mm and 20 x 220 mm shafts. Looking for new bow guide? A bow guide is also an indispensable part of your boat trailer. It allows you to easily centre your boat. View our complete overview of boat trailer parts here.

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