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      Keel roller for boat trailer

      Looking for brand new Keel rollers for your boat trailer? Keel rollers are essential for securing the keel properly and safely. Here you will find complete keel rollers, keel roller supports and much more! Show more



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      194x90 mm Keel roller blue complete on support
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      Keel roller for the boat trailer

      Are your current Keel rollers worn out and in need of replacement? Keel rollers are an important part of your boat trailer. The keel of your boat can rest on it when you transport it on your boat trailer. Keel rollers come in different shapes and sizes. You can go for loose keel rollers, but also for example for complete keel rollers with a bracket. Do you have questions about our range of Keel rollers? Or are you not entirely sure which Keel roller is suitable for your boat trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service. We will gladly help you choose the right Keel rollers? Can't find your desired Keel roller size? Then please contact us too.

      What is a keel roller for?

      The boat's keel serves as the 'fin' under the water surface and keeps your boat from capsizing. Loading your boat without the use of Keel rollers can be dangerous. After all, an accident is in a small corner. You can quickly hurt yourself or damage your boat. It is also incredibly heavy to load the boat on a boat trailer without using Keel rollers. In addition, a winch can also be very handy to hoist the boat onto your boat trailer. Keel rollers ensure that the keel of your boat is firmly attached to your boat trailer. They are like shock absorbers for your boat. Keel rollers also prevent prints on your boat. As a result, you will be able to enjoy your boat for a long time.

      Keel roller support

      Looking for a Keel roller with a support? Keel rollers with support can be attached to your boat trailer. These are mounted to adjustable pipe sleeves. It is important to always look carefully at the width of the tube holes. That way you can determine which diameter you should have. Most common dimensions are 200 mm long and 80 mm wide. You also have Keel rollers with an Axle, with which you can easily replace them. You can easily remove the Axle from the Keel roller, making it easy to change the roller for a new one. The support will keep the Keel roller firmly in place. In our range, you will find both short and long keel roll supports. Keel roller supports are easy to mount and are used as an addition or replacement. You can also choose a Keel roller on a U-support. A Keel roller U-support has slotted holes and therefore fits different tube widths.

      Rubber boat rollers

      Rubber boat rollers are also often mentioned. These are Keel rollers made of black rubber like the ones we also sell. These rubber boat rollers are made of rubber which prevents damage and scratches. There are also rubber Keel rollers with bearings, but the disadvantage of these is that their operation in combination with water quickly becomes less than optimal. Our recommendation is simply a shaft with a Plastic bearing. With that, the rubber boat rollers roll fine with the boat on the trailer.

      Boat trailer parts

      Besides Keel rollers, you can of course also find other necessary boat trailer Accessories in our webshop. For example, we have various adjustable pipe sleeves in our range that you can have cut to size. In addition, they are made of galvanised steel, which prevents rusting. With adjustment tubes, you can adjust your boat trailer to your own wishes. We also sell various bow guides for boat trailers in various sizes. Would you like your boat trailer Lights not to break down quickly when you launch it? Then a wireless lighting set, for example, is ideal. Magnets can be used to attach the lights to your boat trailer. This allows you to quickly and easily remove the Lights from your boat trailer.

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