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      Bow guide for boat trailers

      Bow guide for boat trailers - Available directly from stock - Individual parts and complete centring sets Show more



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      Bow guide for boat trailers

      Bow guide ensures that during loading and unloading the boat is centred, making it a lot easier. We offer bow guide in various sizes and colours. Most bow guides have an axle hole with a diameter of 20 mm. The length of the shaft hole varies more often. Always check these details carefully before ordering. When picking a bow guide, always pay attention to what tyre size you need and how big the axle hole is. In addition, in our range of bow guides you will also find fixed castors and an inner tube. Apart from separate bow guides, we also have various centring arms. These centring arms are very handy to ensure that your boat lies neatly on the boat trailer. In our range, you will find bow guides from well-known brands such as:

      • Pega
      • Kalf
      • Marlin
      • Freewheel
      • Damco

      All parts for optimising the bow guide are available from stock.

      Bow guide brands

      Bow guidance is available in various brands and sizes. A well-known brand, for example, is Pega bow guide. The function of the bow guide is to centre the boat on your boat trailer during loading and unloading. Most bow guides have an axle hole with a diameter of 20 mm. The length of a bow guide often varies. What exactly should you look for when buying a new bow guide? To start with, it is important to know what size bow guide wheels you need. Examples of size bow guide wheels are: 4.00-8 4pr, 3.00-4 4 PR. In addition, the axle hole is important. Always measure the size of the bore beforehand. Based on that data, you can often then easily choose a replacement bow guide. Every brand often uses the same parts, characterised only by their own "unique" colour. This is to still make the boat trailer brand distinctive.

      Do you have questions about our range of centring sets and bow guide? Or are you not quite sure what size bow guide you need? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will be happy to give you free advice on choosing the right bow guide. Don't see your desired bow guide size in our range? Please let us know.

      Fixing a centre set for your boat trailer and a centre set for your boat trailer

      A centring set for your boat trailer will make trailering much easier. The boat is then correctly winched onto the trailer. The centring wheels ensure that the hull is centred on the trailer. This also gives you much more control when centring your boat. The tyre of a centring set (bow guide) ensures that the keel of the boat is centred. This makes you perfectly able to winch just the boat straight onto your boat trailer. This is especially handy when loading and unloading your boat in flowing water. A boat trailer centring set often comes with 4 mounting plates, without the necessary Nuts and bolts. To mount a centring set boat trailer, you need 8 bolts. When choosing bolts, it is good to take into account the thickness of the beam to which you will attach the centring set.

      Boat trailer parts and Accessories

      Besides bow guide and centring sets, you will also find other boat trailer Accessories in our range. Take boat rollers, for example, which are ideal for winching your boat trailer on and off. Or Keel rollers, on which you can rest the boat's keel. Keel rollers allow your boat trailer to better bear the weight of the boat. Keel rollers should always be placed in the middle of your boat trailer. Would you like your boat to remain undamaged during loading and unloading? Then a fender pad offers a solution! You can place a pad on the boat trailer, which acts as impact protection. This way, you can be sure that your boat trailer always remains in perfect condition. It is also important that your boat trailer is clearly visible on the road. In our range of Trailer Lights, we also sell lighting sets with Magnets. For boat trailers, this is of course ideal because you can then quickly and easily remove the lights when you drive your boat trailer into the water.

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