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      Boat trailer parts

      Boat trailer parts

      View our range of boat trailer parts here, available directly from stock at competitive prices. All our boat trailer accessories and parts are made of high-quality materials such as polyvinyl and galvanised steel. Do you have any questions about our range of boat trailer parts? Or are you not sure which boat trailer parts are suitable for your boat trailer? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We are happy to help you find the right boat trailer parts by giving advice without any obligation.

      Buying boat trailer parts

      Every boat trailer needs maintenance. Through use and especially driving in and out of the water is stressful for all rotating parts. Especially salt water has an aggressive influence on all parts of the boat trailer. Our range of boat trailer parts is designed to replace all components with premium quality parts. Long-term storage and exposure to UV radiation also dry out boat rollers, for example.

      Our range of boat trailer parts includes:

      Which boat trailer do I need?

      A boat trailer is less standardised than a "normal" trailer. A boat trailer must be fully adjusted to the boat in question. Of course, the length and width are important, but so is the weight. For example, you need a different boat trailer for a rubber boat than for a sloop. Of course it is also important that the towing vehicle is suitable for towing the boat trailer with load. Aanhangendirect does not sell boat trailers itself but does have a lot of experience in adjusting boat trailers and replacing parts of all the above boat trailers. A specialist and experience expert can always help you make the right choice for the most ideal boat trailer. Get advice and see on forums what other owners of similar types of boats use for trailers. We are happy to help you fine-tune the boat trailer extra required parts such as boat rollers or extra bow guidance systems.

      Boat trailers brands

      There are several brands of boat trailers that actually all use similar parts. Often executed in their own colour scheme. Of course, there is a difference in finish and materials used. Certainly with heavier braked boat trailers, premium parts are also used to properly transport the often precious cargo. There are many Dutch boat trailer builders who have built many new boat trailers in recent years to meet the increasing demand. Leading brands of boat trailer suppliers are:

      1. Pega
      2. Kalff
      3. Marlin
      4. Vlemmix
      5. Freewheel
      6. Tonca/Damco

      What to look out for when buying a boat trailer

      To determine which boat trailer you need, it is important to first properly identify the characteristics of your boat. What is its weight, size and characteristic features? For example, a dinghy has different points of interest than a sloop. Of course, length and weight determine the choice of trailer. The type of vessel determines which roller systems and bow guidance are needed. Thus, you can build up most boat trailers modularly to make them completely suitable for the boat as a customisation. In addition, of course, as with cars, you may have a certain brand preference. Through past experience or advice from a dealer where you also bought the boat.

      When does a boat trailer have a licence plate?

      A boat trailer gets a licence plate when it is a braked trailer with a gross loading capacity of more than 750kg. When a boat trailer has a licence plate, it also gets its own licence plate. This has the advantage that you therefore do not have to place white number plates when you go driving and the boat trailer is also less prone to theft because it is not easy to trade without a registration certificate. Both an unbraked boat trailer and an braked boat trailer have almost similar parts apart from the braking system. We gladly help you

      Bow snubber blocks boat trailer parts

      Bow snubber blocks are attached to the front of the boat trailer. The drawbar is designed to rest the bow of the boat in, this ensures that the weight of the boat is better distributed and the boat itself is more stable in place. It is important to mount the bow snubber block in the middle of the trailer so that the boat rests straight on the trailer. In addition, a bow snubber block also offers another nice practical application. A bow snubber block also protects your boat from scratches and other possible damage during transport. A bow snubber block is also called a bow support. Almost every good quality boat trailer comes with a polyurethane bow snubber block.

      Other and useful boat trailer accessories

      Supports and Pads prevent or limit any damage to your boat trailer. They can also be used as extensions or elevations to keep the boat lying better on the trailer. We offer a wide range of winches, winch belts, winch cables & Accessories. We offer electric winches with a towing capacity of 900 to 2045 kg. Hand winches we offer with a towing capacity of 350 to as much as 1800 kg. Looking for roller bearings or Axles? Look no further. We have a wide range of Bearings and Axles for boat trailers. You have also come to the right place for tube and pipe profiles and mounting materials. We offer profiles in various sizes and lengths. Select the length you need and we will cut it to size.

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