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      Unbraked trailer torsion Axles

      Unbraked Trailer Axles from premium brands - Low-cost online ordering - the cheapest in the Benelux - Fast delivery times. Show more


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      Unbraked KNOTT and ALKO Axles

      Knott and AL-KO together supply over 90% of all axles fitted under unbraked trailers in Europe. Due to this large-scale production and first assembly by manufacturers, these Axles are the best quality available on the market. We offer the complete range of unbraked Axles in all pad and flange sizes available.

      Trailer Axles unbraked

      A trailer is unbraked when the Axle does not have a braking device. These are usually drum brakes activated by an overrun brake. Unbraked trailers have an Axle which is usually a torsion axle without brakes. The coupling is also attached directly to the drawbar without an overrun brake. This applies to most smaller trailers, baggage trailers and closed trailers. These usually have a maximum load capacity of 750 kg.

      Our brands

      • AL-KO
      • Knott
      • AWD
      • FAD

      Unbraked torsion Axles

      All our complete Axles are torsion Axles. This means that Axle ends are equipped with so-called torsion suspension. This is a suspension that uses "wringing" between the Axle ends and the axle. It used to be widely used in cars and is still widely used in off-road cars today. The suspension is very effective under different loads, which is of course very handy for a Trailer. There is no need to mount extra shock absorbers on a torsion-sprung Axle. Of course you can, but it is mainly done to meet the Tempo 100 approval for German legislation.

      Delivery time of unbraked Axles?

      We can deliver most Axles from stock and they are delivered to the desired address within three working days. Delivery times vary for less common and customised Axles. Please contact our customer service department for exact delivery times.

      Pad size, flange size, pitch and other Axle sizes to consider

      When you replace the axle, the first thing you need to know is which axle is currently under the Trailer. Naturally, you want the same type of Axle as is currently fitted. We have axles of almost all sizes. Before ordering an Axle, it is important to know the PAD and FLENS size. You also need to know beforehand what pitch size you need. Read here how to measure pad, flange and pitch dimensions.

      Load capacity of unbraked torsion Axles

      It is important to know the required load capacity of the Axle. You will normally find this information on the Axle's rating plate. Load capacities of unbraked Axles for trailers vary between 750 and 1350 kg. The most commonly used Axles are 750 kg for unbraked trailers.

      Personal advice on selecting the right Axle

      If, after reading the above information, you still cannot find the right unbraked Axle, please contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you.

      Used Axles Trailer

      We recommend not buying used Trailer Axles, as they are often damaged. It is better to buy new Axles, which are generally only slightly more expensive than second-hand Axles. The advantage of a new Axle is that you have a warranty on it and can be sure that everything will work properly. A torsion axle overhaul for an unbraked Trailer is often more expensive than simply buying a completely new axle. Due to large-scale purchasing, we can offer new Axles very cheaply.

      Axle repair

      When it is possible to repair an Axle, these costs are often the same as replacing the complete Axle for the trailer. Due to the high turnover rate, we can offer Axles from KNOTT, BPW and AL-KO very cheaply. So you get a premium brand Axle delivered directly from stock at a competitive price.

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