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      Knott braked torsion Axles

      Wide range of Knott braked torsion Axles - delivery throughout the Benelux - 750 kg/850 kg/1000 kg/1050 kg/1300 kg/1350 kg Show more


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      KNOTT Axles braked

      Knottis a leading manufacturer of braked Axles for trailers and caravans. With more than 1 million Axles produced, they know exactly how to make a solid, reliable Axle. Not for nothing do most Trailer manufacturers use Knott's braked Axles. We have all KNOTT Axles in our range. Many are available directly from stock and occasionally it is a custom order that has to be produced. The delivery time is always mentioned with the Axle.

      Almost all KNOTT Axles can be delivered directly from stock and will be delivered to the desired address within two working days. This cannot be done by PostNL but is delivered on a pallet by DHL. The delivery time for less common and custom-made Axles is longer. This is always stated with the relevant Axle.

      Knott Axles with brakes are available in various weight categories

      • 750 kg braked Knott Axles
      • 850 kg braked Knott Axles
      • 1000 kg braked Knott Axles
      • 1350 kg braked Axles Knott
      • Knott 1500 kg braked Axles
      • 1800 kg braked Knott Axles

      Dimensions of Knott braked Axles

      We can accommodate almost all Axle sizes. Before ordering a Knott Axle, it is important to know the PAD and FLENS dimensions. You also need to know in advance which pitch size you need. Read here how to measure the pad, flange and pitch of your Knott Axle.

      A wide choice of load capacities of Knott Axles braked

      It is also important to know the required load capacity of your braked Knott Axle. You will normally find this information on the Axle's rating plate. Load capacities of braked Trailer Axles vary between 750 kg and 1800 kg. We always recommend fitting the same type of Knott Axle that is currently fitted to the Trailer. This is important for the correct operation of the brakes and also corresponds to the brake scheme to which the Trailer is approved!

      Personal advice on selecting the right Knott axle with brakes

      Not quite getting there or not quite sure about your choice? If, after reading the above information, you still cannot find the right Axle, please contact our customer service, we will be happy to help you. Take a picture of the type plate on the Axle and send it to us via chat, whatsapp or email. Thanks to our short lines of communication with manufacturers, we can quickly find out for you!

      Second-hand Knott Axles

      Some second-hand Axles are offered on market places. The origin of these is often unclear and why would you remove a well-functioning Axle from under a Trailer? So often these are Axles that have been replaced by new Axles and are still sold second-hand. This has no recommendation because then you cannot judge the quality.

      Repairing a Knott Axle

      Reconditioning a Knott axle with brakes is an option, but our advice is to buy a new Axle. This sounds like preaching to your own parish but is not meant to be. When overhauling an axle end, the question is whether you do one side or both sides right away? If you then add up all the costs of materials and hourly labour, buying a new Axle is simply a better alternative. Due to the high turnover rate, we can offer Axles from KNOTT very cheaply. So you get a premium brand Axle at a competitive price delivered directly from stock.

      Which Axle do I need instruction video (1:31)

      The video below explains which of the Knott braked Axles you need. If, after reading the information above and watching the video below, you still don't know which Knott axle with brakes you need, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the right braked Knott Axle.

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