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        BPW braked torsion Axles

        Wide range of braked BPW Axles - 1300/1350 kg/1500 kg/1800 kg - complete braked BPW Axles - cheapest in Europe - fast delivery Show more


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        Braked BPW Axles Trailer

        Former BPW is now owned by AL-KO and this logo is now also on all Axles. BPW Axles are currently given both an AL-KO and a BPW number. Hapert's trailers, for example, are fitted with BPW Axles. Braked BPW Axles are delivered to the desired address within three working days. We can supply most Axles from stock and they are delivered to the desired address within three working days. Delivery times vary for less common and customised Axles. Please contact our customer service department for exact delivery times.

        What do you need to consider when replacing BPW Axles?

        You can come to us with almost all trailer sizes of BPW Axles. Before ordering an Axle, it is important to know the PAD and FLENS dimensions. The pad size is the distance centre to centre of the fixing holes. The pad size is one of the most important dimensions if you want to replace your BPW Axles. The flange size is also very important. This is the distance between the two outer sides of the brake drums, measured excluding wheel bolts and hub caps! You also need to know in advance what pitch size you need. We also have handy pictures showing you exactly what to measure! Read here how to measure pad, flange and pitch dimensions. It is also important to know the required load capacity of the Axle. You can normally find this information on the type plate of BPW Axles. Load capacities of braked Trailer Axles vary between 750 and 1800 kg. We also have useful videos on YouTube about BPW Axles.

        The advantage of buying new BPW Axles: Warranty!


        It sometimes happens that the swivel arm of BPW Axles on a Trailer is broken. You can see this clearly when you remove the wheels from the Axles. You then measure the angle of the axle; if this angle is less than 20 degrees, the axle is bent. If it is possible to repair an Axle, these costs are often the same as replacing the complete Axle for the Trailer. Due to the high turnover rate, we can offer KNOTT and BPW Axles Trailer very cheaply. So you get BPW Axles trailer from a premium brand at a competitive price delivered directly from stock. We recommend not buying second-hand Axles, as they are often damaged. It is better to buy a new Axle, these are generally only slightly more expensive than second-hand Axles. The advantage of a new Axle is that you have a warranty on it and can be sure that everything will work properly. It is also often difficult to find a second-hand Axle that has exactly the same pad size, flange size and pitch size as your current BPW Axle.

        Personal advice when selecting the right BPW Axles Trailer

        Personal advice is something we consider very important at Aanhangwagendirect. We often advise our customers on BPW Axles too. We have very many different BPW Axles for sale. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees! There are still many uncertainties about finding the right BPW Axles for your Trailer. If you haven't found the right Axle after reading the information above, please contact our customer service. Together, we will find the right BPW Axle with the right dimensions and load capacity!

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