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      Braked torsion axles from AL-KO

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      ALKO axles with brakes

      AL-KO is one of the largest Axles manufacturers in Europe. Al-KO builds high-quality Axles from the best materials. Not for nothing that a significant proportion of trailer products use AL-KO parts. Even BPW Axles are now produced by AL-KO. We can supply most Axles from stock and they are delivered to the desired address within three working days. For less common and custom-made Axles, delivery times vary. Please contact our customer service department for exact delivery times.

      What do you need to know when replacing Alko Axles?

      We have almost all Alko Axles available. You can come to us for all sizes. However, there are a number of points you should pay attention to when replacing your Alko Axles. Consider the pad and flange size, for example. You know the pad size by measuring the distance centre to centre of the fixing holes. The flange measurement is measured between both outer sides of the Brake drums, excluding the Wheel bolts and Hub caps. In addition, you need to know the pitch size of your Alko Axles. Finally, the required load capacity is very important. Load capacities of braked Trailer Axles vary between 750 and 1800 kg. All the information is usually on the axle's rating plate. You can find more information on how to measure your Alko Axles here. To put everything in a nutshell:

      • Step 1. Measure the path size: distance centre to centre of fastening bolts
      • Step 2. Measure the flange size: distance between both outer sides, excluding Wheel bolts and Hub caps.
      • Step 3. Measure the pitch: distance between the bolt holes of the Rims
      • Step 4. Find out the load capacity

      Repairing/replacing Alko Axles

      It sometimes happens that something specific breaks on the AL-KO Axles. The question is then whether to replace the entire Axle or to repair something specific. It sometimes happens, for example, that the swivel arm of the Alko Axles breaks down. You can see this if you remove wheels from the Axle and measure the angle of the Axle. If it is less than 20 degrees, the Axle is warped. We actually always recommend buying completely new Alko braked Axles. Because you usually spend as much on repairing the Axles as you would on buying a new one. It is also better to buy a new Axle. Second-hand ones may be cheaper, but they also do not last as long and have no warranty. The AL-KO trailer Axles you buy from us, on the other hand, have warranty. Due to the high turnover rate, we can offer AL-KO Axles very cheaply. We can often deliver them directly from stock!

      Personal advice on selecting the right Axle

      Of course, we often give personal advice to our customers. We think this is very important at Aanhangwagendirect. We also often give personal advice on Alko trailer Axles. Because there is often still uncertainty about the measurement of Axles. In addition, we have a lot of different AL-KO Axles prices, so sometimes you can lose track. That's why we are here! After reading the text above, do you still have questions about Alko Axles or other important questions? Then feel free to contact our customer service team. We will work with you to find the right Alko Axles.

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